Google 公布 2021 年最热门 Chrome 扩展程序名单

Chrome 是目前市场占有率最高的浏览器,根据研究机构 2021 年 11 月的统计数据显示,目前 Chrome 的市场占有率达到了 64%,有着不可撼动的地位;排名第二的为 Safari,占有率为 19%;Edge 的市场占有率为 4.2%,略高于 Firefox 的 3.9%。Chrome is currently the browser with the highest market share. According to the statistics of the research institute in November 2021, Chrome’s market share has reached 64%, and it has an unshakable position; the second-ranked browser is Safari, with a share 19%; Edge’s market share is 4.2%, slightly higher than Firefox’s 3.9%.
The reason why there are so many users is that in addition to the fast loading speed, the many supported Web standards and the rapid version iteration, another reason why many people choose Chrome is that its extensions are very rich. Through the extensions, users can browse for The device brings more convenient functions.
A few days ago, Google announced a list of the most popular extensions for Chrome browser in 2021. The list is carefully selected by Google. There are 13 extensions in total. Not all of these 13 extensions are new extensions launched this year.
We have listed below the list of Chrome extensions announced by Google, and added a brief introduction and jump links of the extensions. Interested users can download them according to their needs (all the links below are from the Chrome Web Store).
Communication and cooperation Loom: Loom is a video recording and sharing extension that can record your screen, sound and video, and create a video that can be shared immediately in a shorter time.
Mote: With Mote, you can easily add voice comments and audio content to shared documents, assignments, emails, and forms. Mote also integrates with Google Office Suite.
WordTune: A writing tool driven by artificial intelligence that helps you communicate clearly by rewriting sentences and capturing typos in emails and documents.
Productivity Forest: Whenever you want a period of time to concentrate on your work, you can plant a seed in the Forest. In the next time, this seed will slowly grow into a big tree. If you can’t resist the temptation and browse the websites listed in the blacklist during this time, then this young tree full of vitality will wither and die. Using this gamification method allows you to focus more on your work.
Dark Reader: (open source)
This is an eye protection extension that generates dark themes in real time and enables night mode for every website. Dark Reader reverses bright colors, making web content easy to read at night.
Tab Manager Plus: (open source)
This is a tab management extension, especially when you have a lot of tabs and windows, Tab Manager Plus can quickly find open tabs, view all windows in one view, and find duplicate tabs and limit the tabs of each window .
Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder: This extension contains two functions of screenshot and screen recording, and you can edit the screenshot directly after the screenshot is completed.
Virtual Learning Kami: Create an interactive online learning space for students and teachers. Kami provides tools that can support any learning style, promote participation, and improve academic performance for everyone. Teachers can also spend less time on boring management and more time on students.
InsertLearning: Teachers can use this tool to insert questions, discussions and opinions directly on any website. When students enter the site, they can respond to these questions and discussions, see these insights, and make their own notes based on this (also integrated with Google Classroom).
Toucan: Toucan can help you learn a new language while browsing the web. When visiting a website, Toucan will automatically translate certain words and phrases on the page into the language you wish to learn. In this way, you can learn words in the new language in the context of the language you are familiar with.
Rememberry: Rememberry uses innovative scientific research on human memory and how it works. The study found that the most effective way to keep knowledge in memory is to repeat it accurately when your brain is about to forget it.
Rememberry can translate any text while users browse the web and save these words. After that, organize the saved vocabulary into Flashcard for subsequent learning.
Other Stylus: (open source)
Stylus is a user style manager that adjusts the appearance of web pages. It allows users to easily install themes and skins for many popular websites.
Stylus was developed on the basis of its branch version 1.5.2 after the well-known extension Stylish stopped development. Stylus rewrote and optimized most of the code to improve performance.
Rakuten: A browser extension launched by the well-known department store group “Rakuten”, which supports third-party platforms such as Macy’s, Target, Gap, PetSmart, etc. Can automatically find coupons and discount transactions on the Internet, allowing users to save money when shopping.

之所以能够拥有如此多的用户,除了加载速度快、支持的 Web 标准多和版本迭代迅速以外,不少人选择 Chrome 的另一个原因就是它的扩展程序非常丰富,通过扩展程序,用户可以为浏览器带来更多便利的功能。

日前 Google 公布了 2021 年 Chrome 浏览器最热门的扩展程序名单,该名单由 Google 精心挑选,共有 13 个扩展程序,这 13 个扩展程序并非都是今年所推出的新扩展。

我们在下面列出了 Google 公布的 Chrome 扩展程序名单,并添加了扩展程序的简短介绍和跳转链接,感兴趣的用户可以根据需求自行下载(以下所有链接均来自 Chrome Web Store)。


Loom 是一个视频录制及共享扩展程序,可以录制你的屏幕、声音和视频,在更短的时间内创建一个可立即分享的视频。


借助 Mote 可以轻松地将语音评论和音频内容添加到共享文档、作业、电子邮件和表格中。Mote 还与 Google 办公套件进行了集成。




每当你希望有一段专心工作的时间,就可以在 Forest 中种下一颗种子。在接下来的时间内,这颗种子将会慢慢地成长为一棵大树。若是禁不起诱惑,在这段时间内浏览了黑名单内列出的网站,那么这颗充满生机的小树将会枯萎而死。利用这样游戏化的方式,让你可以更专注于工作中。

Dark Reader:(开源)

这是一个护眼扩展程序,通过实时生成黑暗主题,为每一个网站启用夜间模式。 Dark Reader 反转明亮的颜色,使网页内容易于在夜间阅读。

Tab Manager Plus:(开源)

这是一个标签页管理扩展,尤其是当你有很多标签和窗口的时候,Tab Manager Plus 可以快速查找打开的标签、在一个视图中查看所有窗口,以及查找重复的标签并限制每个窗口的标签。

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder:



为学生和教师创建一个互动的在线学习空间。Kami 提供的工具可以支持任何学习方式、推动参与,并提高所有人的学习成绩。老师也可以把更少的时间花在令人厌烦的管理上,而把更多的时间花在学生身上。


老师可以借助这个工具直接在任何网站上插入问题、讨论和见解。当学生进入该网站时,他们可以对这些问题和讨论作出回应,看到这些见解,并在此基础上做自己的笔记(也与Google Classroom整合)。


Toucan 可帮助您在浏览网页时学习一门新语言。当访问一个网站时,Toucan 会自动将页面上的某些单词和短语翻译成你希望学习的语言。通过这种方式,你就可以在自己熟悉语言的语境中,学习新语言中的单词。


Rememberry 利用了对人类记忆及其工作方式的创新科学研究。该研究发现,将知识保存在记忆中的最有效方法是在你的大脑准备忘记它的时候,准确地重复它。

Rememberry 可以在用户浏览网页时翻译任何文本,并保存这些单词。之后将保存的词汇组织成 Flashcard ,以便在后续进行学习。


Stylus 是一个调整网页外观的用户样式管理器。它可让用户轻松地为许多热门网站网站安装主题和皮肤。

Stylus 是在知名扩展 Stylish 停止开发后,在它的分支 1.5.2 版本基础上开发出来的。Stylus 重写并优化了大部分的代码以提高性能。


知名百货集团「乐天」推出的浏览器扩展,该扩展支持如 Macy’s、Target、Gap、PetSmart 等第三方平台。可以自动寻找网络上的优惠券和折扣交易,让用户在购物时省钱。