?MyCms v2.0 活码插件预告,PHP 开源自媒体 CMS 系统



MyCms基于Apache2.0开源协议发布,免费且不限制商业使用,欢迎持续关注我们。MyCms is an open source and free self-media blog CMS system based on Laravel to help developers realize their knowledge and skills.
MyCms is released based on the Apache2.0 open source agreement, free of charge and unlimited commercial use, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.
V2.0 [Update content] Newly added: API-province, city, county and region interface Newly added: regional data table (including data)
Newly added: Plug-in display to the menu function Newly added: Client type judgment Newly added: Client browser type judgment optimization: Plug-in reading function optimization: Get UserAgent function optimization: Binding SystemService use correction: Parameter security filter default value update notice : [Live Code Plugin] Group Live Code (Private Domain Growth Artifact)
Break through the limit of 200 people in WeChat scan code to add group and the 7-day validity period of group QR code, and support tens of millions of people to add group at the same time. Place the group live code in the Moments posters, soft text promotion, and offline promotional pages, and change the QR code in the live code at any time in the background, effectively avoiding the invalidity of the promoted QR code.
Customer service live code (a magic weapon for user management)
One customer service, one user, and the system automatically assigns them to help solve the problem of the limit on the number of passive friends added to WeChat every day and reduce the risk of account closure. Diversion according to the set rules is a good helper for the personal account to attract fans.
3. Stay tuned for more features…
MyCms system functionsBackground basic functions Permission management Content management Commodity management Member management plug-in management Front desk functions Realize home page article classification page Article search page Article tab page Article details page Article comment Product list page Product details page Member login/register Member center API interface signature encryption Provinces, cities and counties list interface system time interface article classification list interface article classification details interface article list interface the latest and hottest article classification latest and hottest article tags related article list search article list article details interface article comment list interface article comment publishing interface Product category list interface, product category details interface, product list interface, product details interface, member login interface, member registration interface, system features, support Swoole acceleration, easy installation, simple, elegant, flexible, expandable, and perfect plug-in installation/uninstallation mechanism. SEO optimization-friendly URL mode public functions The embedded point is better, the system is more expandable, the routing monitoring function is more elegant, the basic caching function of paging and the database index is in line with SEO optimization, the establishment of simple and easy-to-use template functions, and the creation of templates are more convenient

v2.0 [更新内容]



  1. 群活码(私域增长神器)


  1. 客服活码(用户管理法宝)




  • 后台基础功能
    • 权限管理
    • 内容管理
    • 商品管理
    • 会员管理
    • 插件管理
  • 前台功能实现
    • 首页
    • 文章分类页
    • 文章搜索页
    • 文章标签页
    • 文章详情页
    • 文章评论
    • 商品列表页
    • 商品详情页
    • 会员登录/注册
    • 会员中心
  • API接口
    • 签名加密
    • 省市县列表接口
    • 系统时间接口
    • 文章分类列表接口
    • 文章分类详情接口
    • 文章列表接口
      • 整站最新、最热文章
      • 分类最新、最热文章
      • 标签关联文章列表
      • 搜索文章列表
    • 文章详情接口
    • 文章评论列表接口
    • 文章评论发布接口
    • 商品分类列表接口
    • 商品分类详情接口
    • 商品列表接口
    • 商品详情接口
    • 会员登录接口
    • 会员注册接口


  • 支持Swoole加速
  • 简易安装程序
  • 简洁优雅、灵活可扩展
  • 完善的插件安装/卸载机制
  • 对SEO优化友好的URL模式
  • 公共函数埋点更好拓展系统
  • 更具拓展性的路由监听功能
  • 更优雅、符合SEO优化的分页
  • 基础缓存功能及数据库索引建立
  • 简单易用的模板函数、制作模板更方便


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