iPhone 14 Pro曝光:挖孔屏加持、升级4800万主摄

明年的iPhone 14,会有哪些看点?

接近韩国屏厂的消息人士爆料,6.1寸的iPhone 14 Pro和6.7寸的14 Pro Max预计采用正面挖孔屏,开孔位置在顶部中央。

iPhone 14 Pro曝光:挖孔屏加持、升级4800万主摄

坦率来说,就公开的技术来看,尽管13系列通过Face ID元件重排使得刘海面积缩小,但短短一年时间就再度升级到挖孔,着实有些让人怀疑,除非苹果决定放弃人脸识别技术或者寻找到屏下相关解决方案。


其它配置方面,据称iPhone 14 Pro系列将首次搭载4800万像素主摄,支持8K视频录制,存储空间升级到2TB(QLC颗粒),外壳采用钛合金等。

毕竟距离iPhone 14系列发布还有将近一年时间,真相会一步步浮出水面。

iPhone 14 Pro曝光:挖孔屏加持、升级4800万主摄

What are the highlights of next year’s iPhone 14?

A source close to the South Korean screen factory broke the news that the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and the 6.7-inch 14 Pro Max are expected to use a front hole-drilling screen with the hole in the top center.

IPhone 14 Pro exposure: hole-digging screen blessing, upgrade 48 million main camera

Frankly speaking, as far as the public technology is concerned, although the 13 series has reduced the area of the bangs through the rearrangement of the Face ID components, it has been upgraded to digging in just one year, which is really doubtful unless Apple decides to abandon the face. Identify technology or find related solutions under the screen.

In fact, the analysis god Guo Mingchi mentioned in March this year that Apple might adopt a hole-digging screen, but this has been overturned in the latest research report in September.

In other configurations, it is said that the iPhone 14 Pro series will be equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera for the first time, support 8K video recording, upgrade the storage space to 2TB (QLC particles), and use titanium alloy for the shell.

After all, it is almost a year before the release of the iPhone 14 series, and the truth will gradually surface.

IPhone 14 Pro exposure: hole-digging screen blessing, upgrade 48 million main camera