WCCFTech 援引消息人士的话称,英伟达已向 AIC 合作伙伴发去告诉,奉告其 GPU 本钱将下调 8~12% 。

WCCFTech quoted sources as saying that NVIDIA has sent a message to AIC partners that its GPU cost will be cut by 8 to 12%.

Considering that the cost change intention terminal delivers demand for a period of time (agent inventory buffer), we estimate that retail prices will usher in a significant reduction in the next few weeks.

Previously, fueled by the lack of semiconductor supply caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the cryptocurrency mining boom, GPU prices have remained high for a long time.

The good news is that with cryptocurrency malls sluggish and Ethereum scheduled to shift from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) later this year, customers are finally on the verge of their first change of direction since 2020.

From the shopping mall trend in the past 3 months, we can see that GPU prices have been steadily declining. When NVIDIA reduces the cost of AIC partners by 8 to 12 percent, system integrators and retail malls will continue to reduce product pricing.

Nvidia quietly told AIC partners that GPU costs will be cut by 8 to 12%

(Photo via WCCFTech)

As for whether the supply situation will be alleviated, it depends on whether the mine owners will give up and continue to make profits. Even so, there are several factors that can help drive down GPU prices this year.

First, Samsung, which helps Nvidia oem RTX 30/40 series GPUs, is working to increase production capacity. Secondly, Nvidia is also exploring the production capacity of TSMC, and it is estimated that the wafer supply is expected to double.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to NVIDIA and AMD, Intel ARC Alchemist Monochrome will also be released in the mall this year.

In summary, the supply situation in the coming months will become more and more beautiful (prices are expected to be steadily lowered), and the determined and so on parties will not need to tearfully take over the mining card at a high price.


此前受 COVID-19 大盛行导致的半导体供给缺少、以及加密货币挖矿热潮的双重助推下,GPU 价格已在相当长的一段时间内维持高位。

好消息是,随着加密货币商场低迷、且以太坊定于本年晚些时候从工作量证明(PoW)转向权益证明(PoS),广大顾客终于要迎来自 2020 年来的初次风向改变。

由最近 3 个月的商场走势可知,GPU 价格一直在稳步下降。而等到 NVIDIA 让 AIC 合作伙伴降低 8~12% 的本钱,系统集成商与零售商场也将连续下调制品报价。

英伟达悄然告诉AIC合作伙伴 GPU本钱将下调8~12%

(图 via WCCFTech)

至于供给情况是否会得到缓解,还得看矿老板们是否会放弃继续盈利。即便如此,本年仍有多个因素可帮助拉低 GPU 价格。

首先,帮英伟达代工 RTX 30 / 40 系列 GPU 的三星,正在努力提高产能。其次,英伟达也在探索一起使用台积电的产能,估计晶圆供给有望翻番。

值得一提的是,在 NVIDIA 和 AMD 之外,英特尔 ARC Alchemist 独显也将于本年投放商场。