FastCopy 4.0.5 已发布,

Download v4.0.5 (2022/02/08)

(for 32bit/64bit)
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(The source code release is temporarily suspended)

(*) If you need the archive version,
please use the “Extract” button in the installer

FastCopy 4.0.5 has been released, which is a free file copy tool for Windows platform, which is characterized by fast speed and no resource consumption, especially in the scenario of copying massive files, which is many times faster than the default file copy function of Windows. This is a very useful tool if you have scenarios where you are copying a large number of files or backing up files.

※ FastCopy was originally an open source software that complied with GPLv3, but the last official version of the open source code was 3.63, and the source code has not been disclosed since then.

4.x adds two command line tools to support complex operations via the command line:

FcHash.exe (command line for fast hash calculation based on xxHash3/SHA)
fcp.exe (command line version of FastCopy)

FastCopy released version 4.0.5 yesterday, and the updates are mainly bug fixes:

Fix invalid input causing exception (v3.0 or later)
Fix issue causing exception during outage (v3.0 or later)

Other updates are support running on the latest Windows 11.

这是一款 Windows 平台的免费文件复制工具,特点是速度快、不占用资源,尤其是在复制海量文件的场景下比 Windows 默认的文件复制功能快许多倍。如果有复制大量文件或备份文件的场景,这是一款非常实用的工具。

※ FastCopy 最初是遵循 GPLv3 的开源软件,不过官方最后公开源代码的版本为 3.63,此后再没公开过源代码。

4.x 增加了两个命令行工具,支持通过命令行完成复杂的操作:

  1. FcHash.exe(基于 xxHash3/SHA 的快速哈希计算命令行)
  2. fcp.exe(FastCopy 的命令行版本)

FastCopy 在昨天发布了 4.0.5 版本,更新内容主要是 bug 修复:

  • 修复无效输入会导致异常的问题(v3.0 或更高版本)
  • 修复在中断期间导致异常的问题(v3.0 或更高版本)

其他的更新是支持运行在最新的 Windows 11 上。