The two-week Linux 5.18 merge window has ended, and the first release candidate for Linux 5.18 has been released.

The new code additions to this release candidate focus on two areas, the first is for the AMD graphics drivers added for the new hardware, specifically the auto-generated header files for the DCN 3.1.x and MP 13.0.x IP blocks, AMD for Added a large number of new headers for each new GPU in preparation for the upcoming Radeon GPUs. Another area is Intel’s table of performance update monitoring events.

In addition to the above two areas, the remaining 60% are driver updates. Also contains some fairly scattered documentation and device tree bindings, architecture updates (no nds32 support, and common x86, arm, arm64, powerpc, parisc, mips and riscv updates), performance and self-tests), and some core kernels Updates (filesystem, core, network, VM).

According to foreign media phoronix, the stable version of Linux 5.18 should be released around the end of May.

为期两周的 Linux 5.18 合并窗口已结束, Linux 5.18 第一个候选版本已发布。

该候选版本新增代码主要集中在两个领域,第一个是为为新硬件添加的 AMD 图形驱动程序,特别是为 DCN 3.1.x 和 MP 13.0.x IP 块自动生成的头文件,AMD 为 为每个新 GPU 添加了大量的新标头数量,为即将推出的 Radeon GPU 做准备。另一个领域是英特尔的性能更新监控事件表。

除上述两大领域之外,剩下部分 60% 都是驱动程序更新。还包含一些相当分散的文档和设备树绑定、架构更新(不支持 nds32 ,以及常见的 x86、arm、arm64、powerpc、parisc、mips 和 riscv 更新)、性能和自测),还有一些核心内核更新(文件系统、核心、网络、VM)。

据外媒 phoronix 介绍,Linux 5.18 稳定版应该会在 5 月底左右发布。