Nitrux 是一个基于 Debian 的完整操作系统,拥有自己的一套 Nitrux 应用程序,建立在 Maui 套件和 Qt 上。Nitrux is a complete operating system based on Debian with its own set of Nitrux applications, built on the Maui suite and Qt.
Nitrux 2.1 has been released, powered by the XanMod-flavored Linux 5.16 kernel introduced in Nitrux 2.0, which has been updated to version 5.16.16 while adding support for the latest Linux 5.17 kernel series.
The component update updates the following components of the distribution: KDE Plasma to version 5.24.4, KDE Frameworks to version 5.92.0, and KDE Gear to version 21.12.3.
Firefox to version 98.0.2.
LibreOffice to version
Added a shortcut to install Steam in the application menu, similar to the shortcut to install The installation process of Steam will take place in the background. When done, a notification will appear.
Changed the filename of the ISO file to avoid confusion.
Added a package containing firmware for Broadcom 43xx devices.
Added a firmware package containing SOF devices from Intel.
Various packages have been added, including the ifuse FUSE module for iPhone and iPod Touch devices and other software provided by libmobiledevice.
Bugfix iPad not being detected #56 Cannot configure KWin script in Plasma 5.24 #53 Calamares fails to create new partition when “Erase disk” is selected #54 Calamares fails to create new partition when “Replace partition” is selected #55 More The content can be viewed in the official announcement.

Nitrux 2.1 已发布,该版本由 Nitrux 2.0 中引入的 XanMod 风格的 Linux 5.16 内核提供支持,该内核已更新到版本 5.16.16,同时增加了对最新的 Linux 5.17 内核系列的支持。



KDE Plasma 到 5.24.4 版,KDE Frameworks 到 5.92.0 版,KDE Gear 到 21.12.3 版。
Firefox 到版本 98.0.2。
LibreOffice 到版本。
在应用程序菜单中添加了安装 Steam 的快捷方式,类似于安装 的快捷方式。Steam 的安装过程将在后台进行。完成后,将出现一条通知。
更改了 ISO 文件的文件名以避免混淆。
添加了一个包含 Broadcom 43xx 设备固件的软件包。
添加了一个包含来自英特尔 SOF 设备的固件包。
添加了各种包,包括用于 iPhone 和 iPod Touch 设备的 ifuse FUSE 模块以及 libmobiledevice 提供的其他软件。


iPad 未被检测到 #56
在 Plasma 5.24 中不能配置 KWin 脚本 #53
选择“擦除磁盘”时,Calamares 创建新分区失败 #54
选择“替换分区”时,Calamares 创建新分区失败 #55