Windows 11 开始菜单工具 SuperStart 中文版 发布。如果 Windows 11 第一眼看上去最大的变化,那就是莫过于开始菜单了。作为传统的 Windows 系统一般开始菜单都位于左侧,而 Windows 11 彻底改变了 Windows 开始菜单。可是新的 Windows 开始菜单你真的习惯吗?

SuperStart 中文多语免费版

多数用户并不习惯新版本的 Windows 菜单,这些菜单是从 Windows 8 开始变化的,而随着微软不断对 Windows 系统的改进,我们目前所看到的 Windows 11 中的开始菜单已经完全居中。不过,今天我们依然可以通过第三方 Windows 11 开始菜单工具 SuperStart 来帮助您恢复左侧的开始菜单。

SuperStart 功能特色

SuperStart 基于开源的 OpenShell 为系统持续优化
保留 OpenShell 核心功能后增加对主题界面调整
为 Windows 11 系统兼容更完善
支持静默安装,参数 SuperStart.exe /q 或 -q
重要的是 SuperStart 完全免费

目前市面上还有很多第三方 Windows 开始菜单增强软件,大眼仔网站上也有提供,大家可以根据自己的需要搜索下载。大部分开始菜单都是付费,如果您想免费使用,可以考虑这款软件。

SuperStart 支持 Windows 7、8、10、11 系统。

SuperStart 许可证

免费软件Start menu tool SuperStart Chinese version released. If at first glance the biggest change seems to be the start menu. As a traditional Windows system, the start menu is generally located on the left, and the Windows start menu has been completely changed. But are you really used to the new Windows Start menu?
Most users of the Chinese multilingual free version are not used to the new version of the Windows menu. These menus have changed since Windows 8. With Microsoft’s continuous improvement of the Windows system, the start menu in Windows 11 we have seen so far has been Fully centered. However, today we can still help you restore the Start menu on the left through the third-party Windows 11 Start menu tool SuperStart.
Features Based on open source OpenShell Keep the core functions of OpenShell for continuous optimization of the system. After adding the theme interface adjustment to Windows 11 system compatibility, more complete support for silent installation, parameter SuperStart.exe /q or -q to further improve the Chinese translation content The important thing is that SuperStart is completely Free and more, etc. Currently, there are many third-party Windows start menu enhancement software on the market, which are also available on the Big Eye website. You can search and download according to your own needs. Most start menus are paid, if you want to use it for free, consider this software.
Support Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 systems.
License Free Software Official Homepage