Linux 5.17-rc2 has been released. This version has an NFS client merge, so the volume of the version is relatively large, but there is no major function update.

Torvalds describes it as:

No fuss – as an RC2, it’s a little big. Maybe part of it is an NFS client merge window pull request. It was merged late because it was marked as spam.

The patch in Linux 5.17-rc2 shows that it provides a fix for recent Intel graphics card driver vulnerabilities that may affect system performance. In addition, there are random extended architecture fixes – KVM updates for arm64 and x86, other perf event updates, PowerPC and MIPS updates, and some small document, network, tool updates, etc.

According to the prediction of foreign media phorinix, the stable version of Linux 5.17 should be released around the end of March.

Linux 5.17-rc2 发布了,这个版本有一个 NFS 客户端合并,所以版本体积比较大,但并没有较大的功能更新。

Torvalds 将其描述为:

没有什么大惊小怪的 – 作为一个 rc2,它有点大,也许其中的一部分是有一个 NFS 客户端合并窗口拉取请求,它被合并得很晚,因为它被标记为垃圾邮件。

Linux 5.17-rc2 中的补丁程序显示,它为最近可能影响系统性能的英特尔显卡驱动程序漏洞提供了修复程序。另外还有随机扩展架构修复 – arm64 和 x86 的 kvm 更新,还有其他 perf 事件更新、powerpc 和 mips 更新,另外就是一些细小的文档、网络、工具更新等等。

据外媒 phorinix 预测,Linux 5.17 稳定版 应该会在 3 月底左右发布。