WinRAR 6.02官方简体中文正式版商业评估版[2021/06/16](官方无广告版本 已亲测 无广告!) WinRAR v6.02 正式版简体中文版 官方下载Official Simplified Chinese Official Commercial Evaluation Version [2021/04/14] (The official non-advertising version has been pro-tested without ads!) WinRAR v6.02 Official Simplified Chinese version official download compression software, well-known old-brand compression software products, classic installed software one. WinRAR compressed file manager, file package file decompression software, provides complete support for RAR and ZIP files, and can decompress files in ARJ, CAB, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZ, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO and other formats. Functions include solid compression, sub-volume compression, compression encryption, self-extracting modules, and various custom settings.
Description of the new version’s changes and features-Based on the official English version, @周明波简体中文+@烈火汉化 Chinese character string-Cracking without activation, completely out of the license file, without authorization, installation is the registered version-Ignore file lock ( The locked RAR file can be edited, it is convenient to change the comment to add or delete the file)
-Complete finished Chinese command line version RAR.EXE, UnRAR.exe, uninstall program, help file and other files-Modify the resource manager to right click to view RAR comment font to Song Ti 9-Pure no personal information, no personalized registration information download address about the window The official version of Simplified Chinese Chinesization Special Edition is not available for download due to cracking infringement. Thank you for understanding the classic theme (nostalgic classic skin)
More official versions of online WinRAR theme skins [2021/06/14] (Direct installation, even if authorized, there are advertisements, you know)
64-bit 32-bit official Simplified Chinese official commercial evaluation version [2021/04/14] (no ads when authorized or unlocked) (the so-called official ad-free version has been pro-tested and no ads!)
64-bit 32-bit official version or special edition silent installation parameter registration machine / unlock patch / ignore locked patch registration key authorization silent import release file (registered authorization file generator)
(No registration key to unlock the patch)
(Ignore the lock patch)
Unlocking the cracked patch is suspected of infringement. This site does not provide downloads. Thank you for your cooperation

WinRAR – 压缩软件,老牌压缩软件知名产品,经典装机软件之一。WinRAR压缩文件管理器,文件打包文件解压缩软件,提供RAR和ZIP文件的完整支持,能解压ARJ、CAB、LZH、ACE、TAR、GZ、UUE、BZ2、JAR、ISO等多种格式文件。功能包括固实压缩、分卷压缩、压缩加密、自解压模块、各种自定义设置。



by UST, BlackHawk, zd423
– 基于官方英文版,用的@周明波简体中文+@烈火汉化的中文字符串
– 破解免激活,完全脱离许可证文件,无需授权许可安装即为已注册版
– 无视文件锁定(可编辑锁定的RAR文件, 方便改注释添加或删除文件)
– 完整汉化命令行版 RAR.EXE, UnRAR.exe, 卸载程序, 帮助文档等文件
– 修改资源管理器右键查看 RAR 注释字体为宋体9号
– 纯净无个人信息,关于窗口无个性化注册信息


WinRAR v6.02 x64 正式版简体中文汉化特别版
因存在破解侵权 本站不提供下载 谢谢理解

version with 48×36 toolbar icons
version with 24×24 toolbar icons


WinRAR 6.02 Final 官方正式版 [2021/06/14] (直接安装 即使有授权也有广告 你懂的)


WinRAR 6.01 官方简体中文正式版商业评估版 [2021/04/14](加入授权或解锁则无广告)(所谓的官方无广告版本 已亲测 无广告!)




WinRAR 6.02 官方简体中文正式版商业评估版 [2021/06/16](所谓的官方无广告版本 已亲测 无广告!) 请看第二页 及后续所有更新~!