FreeBSD 12.3 正式发布

FreeBSD 12.3 正式发布,这是 FreeBSD 12 分支的第四个版本,该版本主要更新内容在于小的改进和错误修复:

FreeBSD 12.3 is officially released. This is the fourth version of the FreeBSD 12 branch. The main updates of this version are small improvements and bug fixes:

Updates to various network drivers.
Some updates to upstream contribution software.
Some application improvements and kernel bug fixes.

User space changes worth mentioning in FreeBSD 12.3 include:

Bhyve corrected the large IO processing in its NVMe emulation.
freebsd-update updated a new flags to support jails;
fstyp can now detect the exFAT file system.
growfs can now operate on read-write mounted file systems.
unzip now supports password protected archives.

FreeBSD 12.3 also introduced bc 5.0, OpenSSL 1.1.1i, SQLite 3.35.5, Subversion 1.14.1 LTS and so on.

FreeBSD 12.3 is now available for amd64, i386, powerpc, powerpc64, sparc64, armv6, armv7 and aarch64 architectures.

A complete list of new features and known issues can be found at:

  • 对各种网络驱动的更新。
  • 对上游贡献软件的一些更新。
  • 一些应用的改进和内核错误的修正。

在 FreeBSD 12.3 中值得一提的用户空间变化包括:

  • Bhyve 修正了其 NVMe emulation 中的大型 IO 处理。
  • freebsd-update 更新了一个新的 flags 以支持 jails;
  • fstyp 现在可以检测 exFAT 文件系统。
  • growfs 现在可以在读写安装的文件系统上操作。
  • unzip 现在支持密码保护的档案。

FreeBSD 12.3 还引入了 bc 5.0、OpenSSL 1.1.1i、SQLite 3.35.5、Subversion 1.14.1 LTS 等。

FreeBSD 12.3 现在可用于 amd64、i386、powerpc、powerpc64、sparc64、armv6、armv7 和 aarch64 架构。