VirtualBox is a powerful virtual machine software, which not only has rich features, but also has excellent performance. VirtualBox 6.1.30 is a maintenance release that fixes and/or adds the following content:

VMM: Fixed the regression problem of version 6.1.28, that is, when using Hyper-V mode on Windows 10, the virtual machine cannot be started.
GUI: Fixed the problem that the wizard cannot be completed for the first time after browsing the external mirror.
GUI: Fixed a crash when browsing external mirrors from the first run wizard on macOS Big Sur.
GUI: Fixed an issue where the screenshots could not be saved in a folder with a local name on Windows.
GUI: Fixed an error on X11, that is, the drag-and-drop function is activated in a single click of the mouse in the virtual machine storage settings.
GUI: Fixed the setting check for machines that do not support hardware virtualization.
GUI: Non-critical media related errors should not cause modal error messages to pop up.
Fixed a crash when parsing /etc/vbox/networks.conf.
DVD: Fixed the drive lock handling when the virtual machine was reset
VBoxHeadless: Fixed a crash when running on macOS Monterey.
VBoxManage: Fixed incorrect help text for "hostonlyif"
vboximg-mount: If no mirror is specified, an error message will appear.
macOS: Fixed a number of specific bugs when installing programs and launching kernel extensions in macOS Monterey.
macOS: Display the message that the CPU is not supported on the M1-based Mac, and abort the installation.
Linux: Introduced initial support for kernel 5.16.
Shared clipboard: When the Guest has no clipboard data to report, the communication between Host and Guest is improved.

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VirtualBox 是一款功能强大的虚拟机软件,它不仅具有丰富的特色,而且性能也很优异。VirtualBox 6.1.30 是一个维护版本,修复和/或增加了以下内容:

VMM:修正了 6.1.28 版本的回归问题,即当在 Windows 10 上使用 Hyper-V 模式时无法启动虚拟机。
GUI:修正了在 macOS Big Sur 上从首次运行向导浏览外部镜像时的崩溃问题。
GUI:修正了在 Windows 上无法将拍摄的屏幕截图保存在具有本地名称的文件夹下的问题。
GUI:修正了 X11 上的错误,即在虚拟机存储设置中单次点击鼠标时启动拖放功能。
修正了解析 /etc/vbox/networks.conf 时的崩溃问题。
VBoxHeadless:修正了在 macOS Monterey 上运行时的崩溃。
VBoxManage:修正了 "hostonlyif" 的不正确帮助文本
macOS:修复了 macOS Monterey 在安装程序和启动内核扩展时的多个特定 bug。
macOS:在基于 M1 的 Mac 上显示不支持 CPU 的信息,并中止安装。
Linux:引入了对内核 5.16 的初步支持。
共享剪贴板:当 Guest 没有剪贴板数据需要报告时,改进了 Host 和 Guest 之间的通信。