Q4OS 4.7 稳定版已发布,代号’Gemini’,此版本更新内容包括安全和错误修复,升级底层系统,以及更新桌面环境。

The stable version of Q4OS 4.7 has been released, code-named’Gemini’. The update content of this version includes security and error fixes, upgrading the underlying system, and updating the desktop environment.

Upgrade the underlying system to the latest Debian Bullseye 11.1
The Trinity desktop environment is upgraded to the stable version of R14.0.11. The Trinity desktop maintenance version of the R14 series is designed to fix bugs while maintaining overall stability

Other bug fixes

Q4OS Gemini is based on Debian Bullseye 11 and Plasma 5.20, and can be equipped with Trinity 14.0.10 desktop environment. It can be installed on 64-bit / x64 and 32-bit / i686pae computers, and it can also be used on old i386 systems without PAE extensions. The development team said that they are also working hard to make it suitable for ARM devices.

Q4OS 4.7 download link: https://www.q4os.org/downloads1.html

Q4OS is a desktop Linux distribution based on Debian, using KDE 4 branches Trinity and KDE Plasma as the desktop environment. Q4OS provides simple accessories, and provides a stable application programming interface to support complex third-party application software, such as Google Chrome, VirtualBox and other development tools. The system is very useful for virtual cloud environments due to its very low hardware requirements.

The development team stated that the main goal of Q4OS is stability. They hope to provide companies and individuals with the most stable operating system possible. Once installed and configured, Q4OS will work reliably for a long time and get security fixes and updates. Only in very special circumstances will new functions be adopted in the core system. They will deal with this possible situation as much as possible, testing before such changes and carefully investigating the consequences.

  • 将底层系统升级至最新的 Debian Bullseye 11.1
  • Trinity 桌面环境升级至 R14.0.11 稳定版,R14 系列的 Trinity 桌面维护版本旨在修复错误,同时保持整体稳定性
  • 其他错误修复

Q4OS Gemini 基于 Debian Bullseye 11 和 Plasma 5.20,可选择搭载 Trinity 14.0.10 桌面环境,它可安装在 64 位 / x64 和 32 位 / i686pae 计算机上,也可用于没有 PAE 扩展的旧 i386 系统。开发团队称,他们也在努力使它适用于 ARM 设备。

Q4OS 4.7 下载地址:https://www.q4os.org/downloads1.html

Q4OS 是基于 Debian 的桌面 Linux 发行版,使用 KDE 4 的分支 Trinity 和 KDE Plasma 作为桌面环境。Q4OS 提供了简单的附件,并提供稳定的应用程序编程接口以支持复杂的第三方应用软件,例如谷歌 Chrome、VirtualBox 以及其他开发工具等。该系统对于虚拟云环境而言很有用,这得益于其甚低的硬件要求。


开发团队称,Q4OS 的主要目标是稳定性。他们希望为公司和个人提供尽可能稳定的操作系统。一旦安装和配置完毕,Q4OS 将长期可靠地工作,获得安全修复和更新。只有在非常特殊的情况下,才会在核心系统中采用新的功能。他们会尽可能地处理这种可能的情况,在这种变化之前进行测试并仔细调查后果。