Brave is a free and open source web browser developed based on the Chromium engine. Brave is a privacy-conscious browser that distinguishes itself from other browsers by automatically blocking online advertisements and website trackers in the default settings.

Brave Browser 1.30 is officially released. The update content of this version is as follows:

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Release v1.30.86


Pick the APK suitable for your device’s architecture.


brave-core-ios.tgz contains Brave core frameworks for iOS.


DEB and RPM packages attached below, details at


Brave-Browser-*.dmg or Brave-Browser-*.pkg will install this version.


BraveBrowserSetup.exe and BraveBrowserSetup32.exe will fetch and install the latest available version from our update servers.

  • Release Notes
    Added the ability for Brave to handle searches from Windows Shell and Cortana. (#13875)
    Added “Index other search engines” setting under brave://settings/search. (#14496)
    Added the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy on macOS and Linux. (#17530)
    Added the ability to right click in brave://rewards-internals logs. (#16915)
    [Security] Added IPFS gateway URL validation. (#16999)
    Improved “Disconnected” Brave Rewards wallet options. (#17154)
    Updated default (standard) adblocking to generally allow first-party requests. (#17366)
    Removed known user tracking parameters from URLs. (#17507, #17452, #17451)
    Fixed overlapping text in download infobar. (#17313)
    Fixed Brave specific URLs not being listed under brave://about. (#17299)
    Fixed inability to remove IPNS keys under brave://settings/ipfs/keys. (#17484)
    Fixed issue with IPFS shutdown and restart in certain cases. (#16978)
    Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.61. (#18333) (Changelog for 94.0.4606.61)
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Brave 是基于 Chromium 引擎开发的免费开源网络浏览器。Brave 是一个注重隐私的浏览器,它通过在默认设置中自动阻止在线广告和网站跟踪器来将自己与其他浏览器区分开来。

Brave Browser 1.30 正式发布,该版本更新内容如下:

为 Brave 新增了处理来自 Windows Shell 和 Cortana 搜索的功能 (#13875)
在 Brave://settings/search 下增加了 “索引其他搜索引擎” 的设置 (#14496)
增加了在 macOS 和 Linux 上通过管理策略(Admin Policy)禁用 Tor 的功能 (#17530)
增加了在 brave://rewards-internals 日志中右击的功能 (#16915)
增加了 IPFS 网关 URL 验证功能 (#16999)
更新了默认(标准)广告屏蔽策略,以始终允许第一方请求 (#17366)
从 URL 中删除了已知的用户跟踪参数 (#17507, #17452, #17451)
修正了下载信息栏中的重叠文本 (#17313)
修正了 Brave 特定的 URL 没有被列在 brave://about 下的问题 (#17299)
修正了在 brave://settings/ipfs/keys下无法删除 IPNS 键 (#17484)
修正了在某些情况下 IPFS 关机和重启的问题 (#16978)
将 Chromium 升级到 94.0.4606.61 (#18333)