Google 近日发布了 Android 13 Beta 3,该操作系统的最新预发布版本为我们带来了一个重要的里程碑 —— 平台稳定。

虽然名为 Beta 3,但这是 Google 推出的第四个 Beta 版(之前是 Beta 1、Beta 2 和 Beta 2.1)。与之前的 Beta 版不同,这个新的 Beta 版并没有引入太多的新功能,而是作为软件的最终定型。展望未来,之后的 Beta 版将是对这个版本的细微改进。

通过 Beta 3,Android 13 达到平台稳定,这意味着所有面向应用的行为和 API,包括官方 API Level 33 SDK 和 NDK API,现在都是最终版本。因此从 Beta 3 开始,开发者可以放心地开发和发布兼容性更新,因为平台不会再发生改变。

然而,这也意味着这个新版本并没有太多的新东西可以讨论。Google 自己关于这个问题的博文只是简单地引用了我们此前已经知道的功能。

从 Google 的开发时间表来看,7 月份应该还有一个 Beta 版发布。在此之后,我们预计 Android 13 的稳定版本将在 8 月正式发布。

Google recently released Android 13 Beta 3, the latest pre-release version of the operating system that brings us a major milestone — platform stability.

Although called Beta 3, this is the fourth beta release from Google (previously Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 2.1). Unlike the previous beta version, this new beta version does not introduce too many new features, but serves as the finalization of the software. Going forward, subsequent beta releases will be minor improvements to this version.

With Beta 3, Android 13 has reached platform stability, which means that all app-oriented behaviors and APIs, including the official API Level 33 SDK and NDK APIs, are now final. So starting with Beta 3, developers can develop and release compatibility updates with confidence that the platform will not change.

However, this also means that this new version doesn’t have much new to discuss. Google’s own blog post on the subject simply cites features we already know about.

Judging from Google’s development schedule, there should be another beta release in July. After this, we expect the stable version of Android 13 to be officially released in August.