WordPress 5.9.1 官方版发布,按照 WordPress 惯例,本次5.9.1版本修复了82个问题。

全站编辑功能正式上线 全站编辑功能使您能够在 WordPress 管理仪表盘中对整个站点的外观进行控制。

The official version of WordPress 5.9.1 is released. According to WordPress practice, this version 5.9.1 fixes 82 problems.

Sitewide Editing Now Available Sitewide Editing gives you control over the look and feel of your entire site right from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Brand new Twenty Twenty-Two theme

This is the first ever default block theme for WordPress. Not only is it a new default theme, but it’s a whole new way to use WordPress themes.

Block themes give you tons of visual options, from color schemes and font combinations to page templates and image filters, all of which can be changed through the site editor. Since it only needs to be modified in one place, you can give the Twenty Twenty-Two theme the same look and feel as your own brand or other website, or turn the look of your site in another direction.

The Twenty Twenty-Two theme is ready to use, it is installed with WordPress 5.9 and can be found on the Installed Themes page.

Build a site with unlimited creativity

With the release of the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, more block themes that support site-wide editing will also be listed in the theme directory, waiting for users to explore in depth. Stay tuned for more block themes to be released in the future.

Once you use any block theme, you no longer need the appearance customizer; instead, the full functionality in the site editor, in the styling interface. Using these blocks just like in Twenty Twenty-Two, you can build the right look and feel for your site on demand, and use the tools you need to get the job done in a smooth, intuitive interface.

navigation block

The core of this user experience is the introduction of blocks into the site navigation bar.

The new navigation block offers a variety of options to choose from, such as a responsive menu that always expands or a menu that adapts to the user’s screen size. No matter which menu is created, it can be reused wherever you want, even after using a brand new template or switching themes.

More improvements and updates

Do you enjoy blogging or creating content? A newly tweaked publishing process helps you speak more and faster.


More granular block control

WordPress 5.9 features new typography tools, flexible layout controls, and fine-grained control over details like spacing, borders, and more to help you not only design the look, but even adjust the details you need.

The power of block templates

The WordPress boilerplate directory is home to a variety of block boilerplates that save you time and add to the core functionality of your site, which you can edit as needed. If you need a different header or footer for your current theme, you can refresh it with just a few clicks.

With the block template browser with full screen view, you can focus on the finer details, so you can easily compare and select the desired block template.


Improved list view

The List View in version 5.9 allows you to move blocks to the desired location by dragging and dropping their contents. Managing complex files just got easier, and simple controls let you expand and collapse sections as you build your site, and add HTML anchors to sections that help users navigate the page.

A better gallery block

Process each image in the gallery block in the same way that you process images in the image block.

In the gallery, each image can be styled differently from the others (e.g. a different crop or duotone), or be identical, or drag and drop to change the layout.


WordPress 5.9 Developer Note Introduces Block Themes

A whole new way to build a theme is to use blocks to define a block theme for an entire site layout template, while custom styles in HTML and theme.json define entirely new templates and template components. For more details, please refer to the block theme development instructions.

Blocks support multiple styles

You can now register more than one stylesheet per block, apply this feature to share styles between blocks you write yourself, or load styles for individual blocks, and only when the block is used, the style will be loaded. Learn more about using multiple styles in a single block.

Block-level locking

Starting with this version, you can lock any block in the block template, just add the lock property to the block.json settings, and let the rest of the template adapt to the site content freely.

Refactored gallery block

The changes to the gallery block listed above are the result of a near-complete refactoring, be sure to read the gallery block compatibility development instructions before developing plugins or themes related to the gallery block functionality.

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全新的 Twenty Twenty-Two 主题

这是 WordPress 有史以来的第一个默认区块主题。 它不仅是一个新的默认主题, 也是使用 WordPress 主题的一种全新方式。

区块主题为您提供了大量的视觉化选择,从配色方案到字体组合在到页面模板和图片筛选,全部都可通过站点编辑器进行变更。由于只需要在一个地方进行修改,您可以为 Twenty Twenty-Two 主题提供与自有品牌或其他网站相同的外观和风格,或将您站点的外观转向另一方向。

Twenty Twenty-Two 主题已可供使用,此主题会与 WordPress 5.9 一并安装,可在已安装的主题页面中找到。


随着 Twenty Twenty-Two 主题的发布,更多支持全站编辑的区块主题也会陆续上架到主题目录中,并等待用户进行深入探索。敬请期待将来发布的更多区块主题。

使用任意一个区块主题后,您便不再需要外观定制器;取而代之的是站点编辑器中、样式界面中的全部功能。使用这些区块就像在 Twenty Twenty-Two 中一样,您可以按需为站点构建合适的外观和风格,并在流畅、顺手的界面中使用所需的工具完成工作。








WordPress 5.9 具有新的排版工具、灵活的布局控制以及对间距、边框等细节的精细控制,不仅有助于您设计外观,甚至能够对所需细节进行调整。


WordPress 样板目录是各种区块样板的家园,这些样板能够为您节省时间并增加站点的核心功能,您可以根据需要对这些区块样板进行编辑。若需要为当前的主题更换不同的页眉或页脚,只需点击几下便可焕然一新。




5.9 版本中的列表视图可让您通过拖放区块内容的方式,将区块移至所需的位置。 管理复杂文件变得更简单,简易的控件让您在构建站点时能够对区段进行展开和折叠,并将可帮助用户浏览页面的 HTML 锚点添加至区块中。





WordPress 5.9 开发者注事引入区块主题

构建主题的全新方式,便是使用区块定义整个站点布局模板的区块主题,而 HTML 和 theme.json 中的自定义样式定义了全新的模板和模板组件。 预了解详情,请参阅 区块主题开发说明。


现在,您可为每个区块注册一个以上的样式表,一可应用此特性在您自行编写的区块间共享样式,或者为个别区块加载样式,且只有在区块被使用时,样式才会被加载。 了解关于 在单个区块中使用多重样式的更多信息。


至此版本开始,您可将区块样板中的任意区块进行锁定,只需在 block.json 的设置中加入 lock 属性,让样板的其他部分自由适应站点内容。