Quick Batch File Compiler Chinese Free Edition is a tool for compiling BAT and CMD batch files to generate EXE executable files. The Chinese free version of Quick Batch File Compiler can replace batch files (.bat, .cmd format) with real executable programs (.exe format), and it can run on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/ without any restrictions. 7/8/10 system. For the converted program, you can customize the icon and version information of the program; the content of the batch file can also be encrypted to prevent modification. Bat To Exe Converter Chinese Multilingual Special Edition is also a professional BAT to EXE tool. The important Bat To Exe Converter is free.

Features of Quick Batch File Compiler

Options to save/load the project;
Open the context help and press the F1 key in the batch command editor;
Embedded file: A file that you can embed into a compiled executable file. This file will be decompressed before exiting when the script is executed and deleted;
Can create DOS window ghost application;
Allows you to select the application icon;
Allows you to edit the version information of the exe executable file;
Change the protected content of batch files from unauthorized changes;
From viewing the contents of hidden batch files;
It does not need to be a programmer to create programs;
It can be used for installation and automation tasks;
Highlight the structure of the command in the built-in editor;
Any batch file that can be compiled is exe format compatible with 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10.

Quick Batch File Compiler license


Quick Batch File Compiler 中文免费版是一款编译 BAT 和 CMD 批处理文件生成 EXE 可执行文件的工具。Quick Batch File Compiler 中文免费版可以把批处理文件 (.bat、.cmd 格式) 换为真正的可执行程序(.exe格式),它可以毫无限制地运行于 Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10 系统下。对于转换出来的程序,你可以自定义程序的图标以及版本信息等;批处理文件的内容还可以加密保护以防止被修改。 Bat To Exe Converter 中文多语特别版也是一款专业的 BAT 转 EXE 工具哟。重要的 Bat To Exe Converter 是免费的。

Quick Batch File Compiler 功能特点

嵌入式文件: 您可以嵌入到已编译的可执行文件的文件,此文件将在脚本执行和删除在退出之前解压缩;
可以创建 DOS 窗口幽灵应用程序;
允许您编辑的 exe 可执行文件的版本信息;
可以编译的任何批处理文件为 exe 格式兼容 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10。

Quick Batch File Compiler 许可证

免费试用 + 商业许可