ZD Soft Screen Recorder 11 中文版汉化发布。今天小编给大家分享的是一款非常出名的屏幕录像工具,它就是 ZD Soft Screen Recorder 汉化版,ZD Soft Screen Recorder 在今天的更新版本做出了更给力的更新,同时软件的界面也做了全新的设计,非常人性化,如果你是一个游戏录像爱好者或你需要录制视频教程,那么 ZD Soft Screen Recorder 中文版也许是一个不错的选择。

ZD soft screen recorder 11 is released in Chinese. Today, Xiaobian is sharing a very famous screen video tool. It is the Chinese version of ZD Soft Screen Recorder. ZD Soft Screen Recorder has made more awesome updates in today’s updated version. At the same time, the software interface has also made a completely new design. It’s very human. If you are a video game lover or you need to record video tutorials, Then the Chinese version of ZD soft screen recorder may be a good choice.

The Chinese version of ZD soft screen recorder captures the content and sound on the computer screen and saves it as compressed video files in various formats. Everything you see on the screen can be recorded continuously at a high frame rate. As a result, the video clearly reproduces the picture content within the recording time, so it is sound. ZD soft screen recorder can also take screenshots of images and save pure audio files. ZD soft screen recorder Chinese version is a powerful and easy-to-use software tool for screen recording.

Create software demo

Want to remotely demonstrate complex software operations to others? The easiest way is to record your operation process, describe it into a demonstration video, and then send it to your audience. ZD soft screen recorder can help you create software presentations.

Convert to presentation video

Tired of doing the same presentation over and over again? Want to convert your PowerPoint PowerPoint into video, which can be easily replayed everywhere? The solution is to record the process and narration of your presentation into a video once, and then replay it everywhere. ZD soft screen recorder can help you convert to presentation video.

Capture video stream

Do you want to save your favorite online videos for local playback? The easiest way is to record the video you are watching directly, just like a video recorder. ZD soft screen recorder 6.9 Chinese version can help you capture online video.

Record computer games and play

Want to create your own game movie? First, you need to record some video clips and play computer games, and then import them into the video editing software for post editing. ZD soft screen recorder 6.9 Chinese version can help you record PC Game clips.

ZD soft screen recorder function list:

The user interface of the file browser allows you to easily manage your recordings.

Well organized tabs make it easy to customize recording settings.

The layered capture window and tool buttons make it easy to select the recording area and start / pause / resume / stop recording fast.

Various automation functions to start / pause / resume / stop automation, such as timing recording, mouse click and program detection.

22 supported file formats: avi, ASF, FLAC, flv, GIF, M2TS, m4a, MKA, MKV, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, mpg, Ogg format, SWF, TS, VOB, WAV, wma, WMV, WV

Support 32 video encoders: h264, XviD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MJPEG, Windows Media Video 7 / 8, flash video, Apple’s prores, original video, GIF, etc

Support 13 audio encoders: AAC, AC-3, MP3, MP2, Windows Media Audio 1 / 2, Vorbis format, wavpack, FLAC, alac, ADPCM, PCM, etc

Support 3 screenshot image formats: BMP, JPG and PNG.

Support camera recording. (professional version only)

Fully modern CPU optimized.

Perfect audio / video synchronization.

Smooth screen recording does not lag behind the system.

Support any video resolution, frame rate and bit rate.

Supports unlimited recording length for NTFS system.

Support multi display system.

Can capture OpenGL, DirectDraw, Direct3D rendering 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 screen content.

It can display the number of FPSS in real time for rendered frames.

Capable of capturing multiple audio sources at the same time, such as playback and voice devices.

The recording source can be switched by pressing a key.

Ability to capture video / audio alone.

It can capture screenshots through hotkeys, mouse clicks or timers.

Be able to customize the image recording / screenshot embedded with watermark.

Can increase mouse click animation / sound effects.

It can save common settings and user-defined presets.

ZD soft screen recorder system requirements:

Intel / AMD dual core 1.5GHz or faster CPU

1GB or more memory

More than 10GB of free disk space

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 or Server 2003 / 2008

Windows Media Player 9 or later

Official homepage

ZD soft screen recorder 11.3 update log

Made the TTS narration script read line by line by pressing a hotkey.


要远程演示复杂的软件操作给别人?最简单的方法就是记录你的操作过程,并叙述成一个演示视频,然后将其发送给您的观众收看。 ZD Soft Screen Recorder 可以帮助您创建软件演示。

厌倦了做同样的演示一遍又一遍? 想你的 PowerPoint 的 PPT 转换成视频,可以很容易地到处重演?解决的办法是记录您的演示文稿的过程和叙述成视频一次,然后到处重放。 ZD Soft Screen Recorder 可以帮助你转换到演示视频。

要保存为本地回放喜爱的在线视频?最简单的方法就是直接录制您正在观看的视频,就像一台录像机。ZD Soft Screen Recorder 6.9 汉化版可以帮助您捕获在线视频。

要创建自己的游戏电影?首先你需要录制一些视频片段,而玩电脑游戏,然后将它们导入到视频编辑软件做后期编辑的。 ZD Soft Screen Recorder 6.9 汉化版可以帮助你录制的PC游戏片段。

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 功能列表:

22支持的文件格式: AVI,ASF , FLAC , FLV , GIF , M2TS , M4A , MKA , MKV , MOV , MP2,MP3 , MP4,MPG , OGG格式, SWF , TS , VOB , WAV,WMA , WMV , WV
支持32路视频编码器: H264 , XVID, MPEG – 1 , MPEG – 2 , MPEG- 4 , MJPEG , Windows媒体视频7/8, Flash视频,苹果公司的ProRes ,原始视频,GIF等
支持13个音频编码器: AAC , AC- 3 , MP3,MP2 , Windows Media音频1/2, Vorbis格式, WavPack的, FLAC , ALAC , ADPCM , PCM等
支持3截图的图片格式: BMP,JPG和PNG 。
支持摄像头录制。 (专业版只)
能够捕获的OpenGL , DirectDraw的, Direct3D的渲染8/9/10/11屏幕内容。

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 系统要求:

Intel / AMD的双核1.5GHz或更快的CPU
1GB 或更多内存
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10或服务器2003/2008
Windows Media Player 9 或更高版本


ZD Soft Screen Recorder 11.3 更新日志
Made the TTS narration script read line by line by pressing a hotkey.







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