The changes in the stable version of nginx 1.20.2 are as follows:

Features: Compatible with OpenSSL 3.0
Bug fix: SSL variables may be empty when used in the log. This error occurred in version 1.19.5
Bug fix: The keepalive connection established with the gRPC backend may not be closed after receiving the GOAWAY frame
Bug fix: The backend SSL connection in the streaming module may hang after the SSL handshake
Bug fix: If you use select, poll or /dev/poll methods, the SSL connection with the gRPC backend may hang
Bug fix: When using HTTP/2 and the “aio_write” command, the request may hang

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nginx 1.20.2 稳定版的变化如下:

特性:兼容 OpenSSL 3.0
错误修正:SSL 变量在日志中使用时可能为空,该错误在 1.19.5 版本中出现过
错误修正:与 gRPC 后端建立的 keepalive 连接在收到 GOAWAY 帧后可能不会被关闭
错误修正:流模块中的后端 SSL 连接可能在 SSL 握手后挂起
错误修正:如果使用 select、poll 或 /dev/poll 方法,与 gRPC 后端的 SSL 连接可能会挂起
错误修正:当使用 HTTP/2 和 “aio_write” 指令时,请求可能会挂起