Family Tree Genealogy Making Tool My Family Tree Chinese Version is a free family tree (family tree) making software with complete functions, intuitive operation interface, and beautiful. The so-called family tree is a tree structure diagram depicting the data of each member of the family and the relationship between them. When a family grows to a large scale, the family tree can be used to understand the process of blood inheritance, and it can even be used in medicine to explore the cause of the family. 家谱族谱制作工具 My Family Tree 中文版是一款功能完整,且操作界面直观、漂亮的免费家谱(家庭树)制作软件。所谓的家庭树就是一种描绘家庭里各个成员的数据,以及他们之间关系的树状结构图。当一个家族成长到庞大规模的时候,就可以利用家庭树来了解血脉传承的过程,甚至也能应用在医学上探究家族病因。

My Family Tree 能让使用者在新增成员的时候,加入他的出生和死亡时间、地点;用遗传数据描述血型、外观特征;也能附上照片或加入一段简述;如果要更详尽一点的话,还能添加在一生当中所发生的各种事件,成为一个人的事纪。


My Family Tree allows users to add their birth and death time and place when adding members; use genetic data to describe blood type and appearance characteristics; also can attach photos or add a brief description; if you want to be more detailed , You can also add various events that happened in your life to become a person’s chronology.

Features of My Family Tree

Well-structured, fast and easy-to-use user interface
New Interactive Family Tree: Allows you to browse your entire family tree, view all individuals and families, and directly add people
FamilySearch: Doing extensive research has never been more convenient-access the world’s largest archive of family genealogy records of billions of people from the comfort of your home.
Genealogy research, in order to use the most cutting-edge Apple technology to optimize application performance, specially developed OS X
Show your family tree: charts, reports, opinions and lists
A large number of chart and view options, such as hourglass chart, ancestry chart, timeline, double ancestry chart, statistics, name assignment (by surname and first name), static chart (based on Apple map), fan chart, kinship chart, family chart or earth
Numerous reporting options, such as person report, family report, family report, narrative report, location list, event list, special function report, related person analysis, anniversary, person list, marriage list, reasonableness report, source list, task List, map report, descendant report, etc.
Use the virtual globe function to see if your family has spread to all over the world over time
Show your family history in the My Family Tree virtual tree, from a new perspective-three-dimensional perspective!
Full retina support. User interface and all charts and views support optimized display quality high resolution screen
Use FamilySearch to collaborate with your relatives or millions of other users or browse the entries of billions of people, you can download directly to your family tree.

My Family Tree 功能特点

FamilySearch:做了广泛的研究从来没有更方便 – 从舒适的家里访问世界上最大的有几十亿人的家庭系谱记录存档。
家谱研究,以便利用最尖端的苹果技术优化应用性能,专门开发了OS X
在 My Family Tree 虚拟树显示你的家庭历史,从一个全新的视角 – 三维透视!
使用 FamilySearch 与你的亲戚或数百万其他用户进行协作或浏览数十亿人的条目,您可以直接下载到你的家庭树。

My Family Tree 能保护您详细的家族史 生动描述你的时间数据滚动全面的在线支持保护你的数据隐私控制内置利用触摸屏的支持下,传感器和列表优势(视窗7只)全屏视频播放和图片幻灯片保存并编辑家庭树中的文件资源丰富,可完全自定义Web报表新增专业引用你的研究与谷歌地球中轨道家庭运动合并多个家庭树和冲突信息。

My Family Tree 许可证




What’s new in My Family Tree

GEDCOM Validator Version History
Version (02 Oct 2021)

New features and enhancements
• Added support for Windows 11.
• Improved themes.

• Bug fixes.
Version (24 Aug 2021)

• Bug fixes.
Version (18 Jul 2021)

• Bug fixes.
Version (07 Jun 2021)

New features and enhancements
• Added support for FamilySearch GEDCOM 7.0.

My Family Tree 需要 .Net Framework 4.7 以上环境才可以运行。