OBS Studio is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming, providing real-time high-performance video/audio capture and mixing, as well as unlimited scene modes to help users achieve seamless transitions through customization.
OBS Studio 27.2 Beta 4 is released with updates including: Fixed some crashes with CEF 95 (Chromium Embedded Framework, Chromium Embedded Framework) related to Browser Sources and Browser Panels Crash Fixed a memory leak in the auto-configuration wizard No longer refreshed when the size of the browser source page changed Fixed an issue where the browser source would not render after hiding/showing A crash that could occur with third-party plugins Fixed an issue where HTTP request errors were not logged when communicating with the YouTube API Windows: Added an option to general settings to hide OBS from screenshots, a feature that allows you to take screenshots Upgrade the SVT/AOM AV1 encoder to the latest version without showing OBS Fixed some issues affecting stability. For more details, please check: https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases

OBS Studio 是一款免费且开源的用于视频录制以及直播串流的软件,提供实时高性能的视频/音频捕捉与混合,以及无限的场景模式帮助用户通过自定义实现无缝转换。

OBS Studio 27.2 Beta 4 发布,该版本更新内容包括:

修正了与浏览器源和浏览器面板相关的 CEF 95(Chromium Embedded Framework、Chromium 嵌入式框架) 的一些崩溃问题
修正了各种 AJA 插件问题
修正了与 YouTube API 通信时,HTTP 请求错误未记录的问题
Windows:在常规设置中增加了一个选项,可以从屏幕截图中隐藏 OBS,这个功能允许你截取屏幕画面而不显示 OBS
将 SVT/AOM AV1 编码器升级至最新版本


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