Slax 是一个 Linux 发行版,它曾经源自 Slackware Linux 。 现在它基于 Debian GNU/Linux 并使用轻量级的 Fluxbox 窗口管理器。

Slax is a Linux distribution that was once derived from Slackware Linux. It is now based on Debian GNU/Linux and uses the lightweight Fluxbox window manager.

Slax 11.3 is derived from the Debian 11 operating system and runs the long-term supported Linux 5.10 LTS kernel with the following updates:

Update to Debian 11.3.0 base
Updated application launcher to read configuration from temporary configuration file instead of stdin
Fixed some issues with EFI boot
Fixed changing screen resolution
Run the application launcher with the Win key (Alt+F2 still works)
Correctly associate text files with text editors
Added new menu and logout buttons on the xlunch screen for easier navigation
Skip running the conman service at startup if the network is already initialized
Disable the dns proxy in connamn so that the PXE server can start normally when needed

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Slax 11.3 源自 Debian 11 操作系统,运行受到长期支持的 Linux 5.10 LTS 内核,具体更新内容如下:

更新到 Debian 11.3.0 基础
更新了应用程序启动器以从临时配置文件而不是 stdin 中读取配置
修复了 EFI 启动的一些问题
使用 Win 键运行应用程序启动器(Alt+F2 仍然有效)
在 xlunch 屏幕上添加了新的菜单和注销按钮,以便于导航
如果网络已经初始化,则在启动时跳过运行 conman 服务
在 connamn 中禁用 dns 代理,以便 PXE 服务器可以在需要时正常启动