MKVToolNix 62.0.0 发布了。MKVToolNix 是一套功能强大的 mkv 格式制作和处理的工具,支持将多种视频、音频、字幕等格式封装成 mkv 格式。MKVToolNix 62.0.0 is released. MKVToolNix is ​​a powerful tool for making and processing mkv format. It supports encapsulating a variety of video, audio, subtitles and other formats into mkv format.

New features and improvements. MKVToolNix GUI: Multiplexer: When adding a new file as an attachment, the GUI will check if there are other attachments with the same name. If so, the GUI will ask whether to skip the affected files or add them anyway. There is now an option in the preferences to always skip these files, and it is enabled by default.

IETF BCP 47/TFC 5646 language tag: all ISO 639 languages ​​are now available.

The two programs mkvmerge and mkvpropedit: chapters will now also write elements set to their default values. This is done to be more consistent with the way MKVToolNix GUI writes chapters.

…Bug ​​fix mkvmerge: fix the crash when splitting by chapter is enabled but there are no chapters at all. mkvmerge: when trying to split by a chapter number that does not exist, the error message contains the actual number of incorrect chapters mkvmerge: AVC ES parser : Fixed the problem that mkvmerge was aborted due to an uncaught exception when encountering wrong SPS data. mkvmerge: AVC/H.264 parser: Re-added –engage all_i_slices_are_key_framesmkvmerge: AVI reader that was accidentally deleted in the v61 version. : Fixed a crash when trying to allocate too large a memory block due to an integer overflow in the check condition. HEVC ES Reader: Improved the file content detection of HEVC ES files with the wrong file extension, thereby fixing them being misdetected For other content issues…MKV 封装工具 MKVToolnix 60.0 + x64 中文多语免费版 附送官方下载地址


  • MKVToolNix GUI:多路复用器:当添加新文件为附件时,GUI 会检查是否有其他同名的附件。如果有,GUI 会询问是否跳过受影响的文件,或者无论如何都要添加它们。现在在偏好设置中有一个选项,可以始终跳过这些文件,并且默认为启用。
  • IETF BCP 47/TFC 5646 语言标签:所有的 ISO 639 语言现在都可用。
  • mkvmerge 和 mkvpropedit: chapters 这两个程序现在也会写入设置为其默认值的元素,这样做是为了与 MKVToolNix GUI 编写章节的方式更加一致。
  • ……

Bug 修复

  • mkvmerge:修复了启用按章节拆分但根本没有章节时的崩溃问题
  • mkvmerge: 当试图按不存在的章节号分割时,错误信息包含了实际存在的错误章节数
  • mkvmerge: AVC ES 解析器:修复了在遇到错误的 SPS 数据时由于未捕获的异常而导致 mkvmerge 中止的问题
  • mkvmerge: AVC/H.264 解析器:重新添加了在 v61 版本中意外删除的 --engage all_i_slices_are_key_frames
  • mkvmerge: AVI 阅读器:修复了由于检查条件中的整数溢出而试图分配太大内存块的崩溃
  • HEVC ES 读取器:改进了对带有错误文件扩展名的 HEVC ES 文件的文件内容检测,从而修复了它们被误检测为其他内容的问题
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