开源免费视频下载工具 Open Video Downloader 中文版已经发布。顾名思义,以下应用程序实际上是 GUI,因此名为 YouTube-dl-gui。它可作为颇受欢迎的 youtube-dl 的界面,但请不要误会,该软件包包含了实际上允许您立即下载 YouTube 视频所需的所有元素。它速度快,易于使用并且绝对易于使用,所有这些都很好地包裹在一个外观时尚的包装中。如果您正在寻找简单的 YouTube 下载器应用程序,则可以在这里找到所需的内容。

The Chinese version of Open Video Downloader, an open source free video download tool, has been released. As the name suggests, the following application is actually a GUI, hence the name youtube-dl-gui. It serves as an interface to the popular youtube-dl, but don’t get me wrong, the package contains all the elements necessary to actually allow you to download YouTube videos immediately. It is fast, easy to use and absolutely easy to use, all of which are nicely wrapped in a stylish packaging. If you are looking for a simple YouTube downloader app, you can find what you need here.

Features of Open Video Downloader

Download all videos up to 8K quality (if any)
Download (partial) playlist
Download and extract audio (mp3)
Download private videos
Lightning fast download speed (cache and multiple processes)
Show the estimated download size before downloading the video
The application will be automatically updated to the latest version. (MacOS only has update notifications)

Now, for this application, since we are dealing with the GUI, we should focus on the appearance of the application, not on the style, even if it is important, we should focus on the distribution of functions and options and the menu as a whole Clarity. In this regard, the application maintains a simple aspect. All you have to do is paste the link you want to download, and the app will take care of the rest.

User-friendly and lightning-fast speed
These buttons are clearly labeled and visible. Each element contains the simplest but stylish appearance. Select the video quality and destination folder. If subtitles are provided, you can even choose to add subtitles. If you are not interested in the attached video, please select audio only. Follow the loading icon on the screen to keep track of the time it takes before you are ready to download. The interface of the application is simple, stylish and powerful. No matter how much computer knowledge you have, you will never get lost or confused.

youtube-dl-gui is an option to download the YouTube Downloader GUI interface. The fact that it contains the underlying mechanism is also reassuring. You will not spend time trying to find the correct application paired with the GUI. Put it all in the box. The interface is very simple, even the least experienced people can easily get the video.

Open Video Downloader license

As stated in the AGPL-3.0 license (section 16), Youtube-dl-gui and its maintainers are not responsible for the abuse of this application.

The maintainers of youtube-dl-gui will never tolerate the use of this application in practices that violate local laws (such as but not limited to DMCA). The maintainer of this application calls on its users to be personally responsible for using this application in a fair manner because it is intended to be used.

Open Video Downloader 特色

该应用程序将自动更新为最新版本。 (macOS 仅具有更新通知)

现在,对于此应用程序,由于我们正在处理 GUI,因此我们应将注意力集中在应用程序的外观上,而不是考虑样式,即使它很重要,而应关注功能和选项的分布以及菜单等的整体清晰度。在这方面,该应用程序维护一个简单的方面。您所要做的就是粘贴您要下载的链接,该应用程序将处理其余的工作。


youtube-dl-gui 是下载 YouTube Downloader GUI 界面选项。它包含了背后的机制这一事实也令人放心。您不会花时间尝试找到与该 GUI 配对的正确应用。全部放在盒子里。界面很简单,即使是最没有经验的人也可以轻松获得视频。

Open Video Downloader 许可证

正如 AGPL-3.0 许可证(第 16 节)中所述,Youtube-dl-gui 及其维护者不对本应用程序的滥用负责。

youtube-dl-gui 的维护者绝不会容忍在违反当地法律(例如但不限于 DMCA)的实践中使用此应用程序。 此应用程序的维护者呼吁其用户个人有责任以公平的方式使用此应用程序,因为它旨在使用。


What’s new in youtube-dl-gui 2.4.0
November 14, 2021
Use yt-dlp instead of youtube-dl (#151)
Sponsorblock support (#183)
Add option to use empty user-agent string for downloading certain VR videos. (#213)
No longer ship with binaries, download them on first launch
Ignore youtube-dl config file (#190)
Only set the default format if there are any (#212, #197)
Fix chmod command on linux systems


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