Linus Torvalds just announced Linux 5.16-rc1. It can be seen that after crossing this exciting merge window, contributors have fixed a large number of kernel bugs for the new version of Linux. In terms of new features, Linux 5.16 includes the merging Memory Folios program, DAMON memory recycling, and various file system improvements.


There are also Intel Alder Lake-S core display / AMD new hardware, Nintendo Switch controller, KVM hypervisor RISC-V support, as well as Apple Silicon platform startup improvements, Intel AMX support, cluster scheduling, FUTEX2, etc.

If all goes well, the above-mentioned exciting kernel features will be unveiled in a stable version from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022. Up to now, the development progress of Linux 5.16 is pretty good, except for a significant performance regression that needs to be fixed during the release candidate (RC) period.


Not long ago, Linux 5.16-rc1 was marked with the “Trick or Treat” code that continues the Halloween version of Linux 5.15. Linus Torvalds pointed out: “In fact, the troubles we expected during the merger window were more than we initially expected.”

Fortunately, even though he was forced to travel with his laptop for several days at the time, in the end everyone managed to survive this painful process, and everything seems to be fine now.

This is partly due to the fact that many people sent inquiries very early, making Linus Torvalds deal with a lot of troubles before traveling.


Linus Torvalds 刚刚宣布了 Linux 5.16-rc1,可知在跨过了本次激动人心的合并窗口之后,贡献者们为新版 Linux 修复了大量内核错误。新功能方面,Linux 5.16 包含了正在合并的 Memory Folios 方案、DAMON 内存回收、各种文件系统改进。


另有英特尔 Alder Lake-S 核显 / AMD 新硬件、任天堂 Switch 控制器、KVM 虚拟机管理程序的 RISC-V 支持,以及 Apple Silicon 平台启动改进、Intel AMX 支持、集群调度、FUTEX2 等。

如果一切顺利,上述激动人心的内核特性,将于 2021 年末 – 2022 年初以稳定版的形式亮相。截至目前,Linux 5.16 的开发进度还算不错,除了一个有待在候选发布(RC)期间修复的显著的性能回归问题。


不久前,Linux 5.16-rc1 被标上了延续 Linux 5.15 万圣节版本的“不给糖就捣蛋”代号。Linus Torvalds 指出:“实际上,预计合并窗口期间遇到的麻烦事,叫我们最初预想的还要多”。


这部分归功于许多人很早就发送了查询请求,使得 Linus Torvalds 在旅行之前就先行处理掉不少麻烦事。