Rufus is a tool that can help format and create a bootable USB flash drive. It can quickly make a system image file in ISO format into a bootable USB boot installation disk, and supports Windows or Linux booting. The 3.16 version update content is as follows: Fix the ISO mode support for Red Hat 8.2+ and its derivatives. Fix the BIOS boot support for Arch derivatives. Fix the deletion of some boot entries for Ubuntu derivatives. Fix the problem that logs are not saved when exiting. Add Windows 11 "Extended" installation support (disable TPM/Secure Boot/RAM requirements)

Add? UEFI Shell? ISO download Add support for Intel NUC card reader Improved Windows 11 support Improved Windows version report Speed up MBR/GPT removalRufus 是一个可以帮助格式化和创建可引导 USB 闪存盘的工具,它可以快速把 ISO 格式的系统镜像文件快速制作成可引导的 USB 启动安装盘,支持 Windows 或 Linux 启动。3.16 版本更新内容如下:

  • 修复对 Red Hat 8.2+ 及其衍生产品的 ISO 模式支持
  • 修复对 Arch 衍生产品的 BIOS 启动支持
  • 修复对 Ubuntu 衍生品的一些 boot entries 的删除
  • 修复退出时未保存日志的问题
  • 添加 Windows 11“Extended”安装支持(禁用 TPM/Secure Boot/RAM requirements)
  • 添加 UEFI Shell ISO 下载
  • 添加对英特尔 NUC 读卡器的支持
  • 改进 Windows 11 支持
  • 改进 Windows 版本报告
  • 加速清除 MBR/GPT