Youtube 网络视频下载工具 3D Youtube Downloader 1.19.12 中文多语免费版

3D Youtube Downloader 1.19 中文版是一款方便易用的 Youtube 视频下载工具,同时小编与作者联系翻译的简体中文语言也已经添加。该软件支持的格式包括 MP4,WebM 和 FLV,帮助用户可以从 Internet 上直接下载高质量 Youtube 视频。他还为用户提供了多种分辨率的选择,包括360、480和720P,让你轻轻松松就可以下载到 Youtube 视频。

3D Youtube Downloader is a simple yet powerful downloader from Youtube and other popular video sites.

All popular video sites provide for each clip several files with different qualities (Youtube is the champion here – up to 40 qualities per clip). 3D Youtube Downloader fetches complete list of available qualities and depending on current work mode automatically selects appropriate file to download or gives you an opportunity to do this by yourself.
3D Youtube Downloader

Main features:

support for a variety of sites including Vimeo, Liveleak, Dailymotion and others
support for Youtube Adaptive Streams
support for Youtube and Dailymotion feeds (playlists, channels etc)
possibility to select quality manually
converting downloaded clips to various video and audio formats
subtitles support for Youtube and Dailymotion
search on Youtube within the program
support for 3D videos on Youtube and Dailymotion
fast processing (using multipart download for files and HTTP compression for pages)
multi language support

3D Youtube Downloader is completely free and has simplest possible interface to give you exactly what it promises – full control over what you are downloading.

Youtube 网络视频下载工具 3D Youtube Downloader 中文多语免费版The Chinese version of 3D Youtube Downloader 1.19 is a convenient and easy-to-use Youtube video download tool. At the same time, the simplified Chinese language for the editor to contact the author for translation has also been added. The format supported by the software includes MP4, WebM and FLV, helping users to download high-quality Youtube videos directly from the Internet. He also provides users with a variety of resolution options, including 360, 480 and 720P, so that you can easily download Youtube videos.
Youtube network video download tool 3D Youtube Downloader Chinese multilingual free version 3D YouTube Downloader is a simple, but actually quite powerful video download tool. In the simple mode, paste the URL and press a button to download videos from YouTube and other websites back to your computer. In addition, it also provides operation modes such as advanced mode and conversion mode, which allow us to manually analyze and download video files, and convert video and audio content into other formats of movies or MP3, M4A, OGG… and other formats of music files.
3D YouTube Downloader claims to be able to download content from more than 20 audio-visual websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe…, etc. What’s more, it can also directly download 3D videos from YouTube and Dailymotion websites, if you want to download the videos If the file has embedded subtitles, you can also download it back for use by the way.
In addition, it can also support the analysis and download functions of channels and playlists on the YouTube website. We can paste the URLs of the channels and playlists, and click and download the videos you want, but this part is a pity The batch download function is not yet supported, and it is not possible to capture all the videos at once (you have to point one by one).
Official homepage What’s new in 3D Youtube Downloader 1.19.12January 3, 2022few fixes for Youtube

3D YouTube Downloader 是个看起来很简单,不过实际上却相当强大的影片下载工具。在简易模式下粘贴上网址、按个按钮就可以把 YouTube 等网站的影片下载回电脑来。另外还提供高级模式与转换模式等操作模式,可让我们手动分析、下载影片档,并将影音内容转成其他格式的影片或 MP3、M4A、OGG…等格式的音乐档。

3D YouTube Downloader 号称可以下载包括 YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe… 等多达20个以上的影音网站的内容,更厉害的是还可直接下载 YouTube 与 Dailymotion 网站中的 3D 影片,如果你要下载的影片档有内嵌字幕的话,一样也可以顺便下载回来用。

除此之外,还可支持 YouTube 网站上的频道与播放列表等分析与下载功能,我们可以贴上频道与播放清单的网址,并从中点选、下载你要的影片,不过很可惜这部份还不支持批次下载功能,还不能一次把影片全部抓回来(得一个一个点)。


What’s new in 3D Youtube Downloader 1.19.12
January 3, 2022
few fixes for Youtube

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