Nitrux 2.4 已正式发布,Nitrux 是一个基于 Debian 、围绕现代 KDE Plasma 桌面环境构建的完整操作系统,拥有自己的一套 Nitrux 应用程序,建立在 Maui 套件和 Qt 上。


Nitrux 2.4 是对基于 Debian 的发行版的一次重大更新,它附带 XanMod 风格的 Linux 5.19 内核,为新的版本提供开箱即用的硬件支持。

XanMod 是一个通用的 Linux 内核,具有自定义的设置和新功能,旨在提供稳定、响应迅速和流畅的桌面体验。

由于 Nitrux 是面向 KDE 的发行版,新版本包括最新和最出色的 KDE 软件,包括 KDE Plasma 5.25.4 桌面环境,以及最近发布的 KDE Gear 22.08 和 KDE Frameworks 5.97 软件套件。

此版本还默认提供新的 Maui 应用程序,用于管理、查看和组织日历事件的 Agenda,以及为开发人员构建和运行代码而设计的工具 Strike。

应用程序也得到了更新,例如 Mozilla Firefox 104 、对现有 Maui 应用程序的更新、更新的 MauiKit,以及对各种核心组件(GNU C 库、Mesa)的更新,默认安装程序也已更新为 Calamares 3.2.60。


Nitrux 2.4 has been officially released, Nitrux is a complete operating system based on Debian, built around the modern KDE Plasma desktop environment, with its own set of Nitrux applications, built on the Maui suite and Qt.

Nitrux 2.4 is a major update to the Debian-based distribution, and it ships with the XanMod-flavored Linux 5.19 kernel, providing out-of-the-box hardware support for the new release.

XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel with customized settings and new features designed to provide a stable, responsive and smooth desktop experience.

Since Nitrux is a KDE-oriented distribution, the new release includes the latest and greatest KDE software, including the KDE Plasma 5.25.4 desktop environment, as well as the recently released KDE Gear 22.08 and KDE Frameworks 5.97 software suites.

This release also ships by default the new Maui application, Agenda for managing, viewing, and organizing calendar events, and Strike, a tool designed for developers to build and run code.

Apps have also been updated, such as Mozilla Firefox 104, updates to existing Maui apps, updated MauiKit, and updates to various core components (GNU C library, Mesa), and default installers have also been updated to Calamares 3.2 .60.

Other content can be read in the update announcement.