MKVToolNix 是一套功能强大的 mkv(Matroska)格式制作和处理的工具,支持将多种视频、音频、字幕等格式封装成 mkv 格式。

MKVToolNix 67.0 正式发布,更新内容如下:MKVToolNix v62.0.0 发布,MKV 视频编辑工具


  • 语言标签:现在支持老的语言标记
  • 语言标签:现在支持 IANA 语言子标签注册表中所有被废弃的子标签
  • 语言标签:所有有效的子标签列表都已从各自的权威来源更新
  • 增加了一个新的中文简体(新加坡)翻译
  • 增加了一个新的命令行选项 --enable-legacy-font-mime-types
  • 增加了一个命令行选项 --normalize-language-ietf <mode>
  • ISO 639-3 和 ISO 639-5 语言现在将被默认使用
  • 语言编辑器现在有一个按钮,可以用规范化的形式(canonical 或 extlang)替换当前标签
  • 在首选项中增加了一个选项,可以始终将所有语言标签规范化为其 canonical 或 extlang 形式,或者关闭规范化
  • ……


  • 构建系统和 MKVToolNix GUI:修复了检测 Qt 6.2.0 版和更新版本的多媒体模块的存在和编译。
  • 构建系统:修复了在 Linux 和 macOS 之外的系统上的编译(例如 FreeBSD)
  • MKVToolNix GUI:工作队列:修复了 “播放音频” end-of-job 动作的音频播放器代码的编译
  • MKVToolNix GUI:多路复用器:识别添加的 XML 章节、片段信息或章节文件
  • ……


  • 构建系统:提供的 Windows 二进制文件现在是用 Qt 6 编译的
  • 捆绑的 fmt 库已更新到 v8.1.1
  • 捆绑的 nlohmann-json 库已更新至 v3.10.5
  • 捆绑的 pugixml 库更新到 v1.12.1MKVToolNix is ​​a powerful tool for producing and processing mkv (Matroska) format, which supports encapsulating various video, audio, subtitle and other formats into mkv format.

    MKVToolNix 67.0 is officially released, and the updates are as follows:

    New features and improvements
    Language tags: old language tags are now supported
    Language Tags: All deprecated subtags in the IANA Language Subtag Registry are now supported
    Language tags: All valid subtag lists have been updated from their respective authoritative sources
    Added a new Chinese Simplified (Singapore) translation
    Added a new command line option –enable-legacy-font-mime-types
    Added a command line option –normalize-language-ietf <mode>
    ISO 639-3 and ISO 639-5 languages ​​will now be used by default
    The language editor now has a button to replace the current tag with the canonical form (canonical or extlang)
    Added an option to preferences to always normalize all language tags to their canonical or extlang form, or turn normalization off

    bug fix
    Build system and MKVToolNix GUI: Fixed detection of presence and compilation of multimedia modules for Qt version 6.2.0 and newer.
    Build System: Fixed compilation on systems other than Linux and macOS (e.g. FreeBSD)
    MKVToolNix GUI: Work Queue: Fixed compilation of audio player code for “play audio” end-of-job action
    MKVToolNix GUI: Multiplexer: Identify added XML chapters, fragment information or chapter files

    Build System Changes
    Build system: Windows binaries provided are now compiled with Qt 6
    The bundled fmt library has been updated to v8.1.1
    The bundled nlohmann-json library has been updated to v3.10.5
    Bundled pugixml library updated to v1.12.1