Linux 5.18-rc2 has been released as the latest weekly release candidate for the Linux Kernel.

This week’s Linux kernel brings a number of bug/regression fixes, one of the more notable patches is an attempt to initialize /dev/urandom reads, which means that random number computations on /dev/urandom become safe, at least on x86, Other architectures with duty cycle counters will also become safe.

Also, most of the updates are still around drivers, AMD GPU driver fixes are probably the most obvious, there are also some network, scsi, rdma, block, etc. modifications. There are also some filesystem fixes, the usual architects of the core network, and daily tool updates, self-tests, and performance improvements.

More can be found in Linus Torvalds’ Linux 5.18-rc2 post.

Linux 5.18-rc2 作为 Linux Kernel 最新的每周发布候选版本发布了。

本周的 Linux 内核带来了许多 Bug /回归修复,一个比较显著的补丁是尝试初始化 /dev/urandom 读取 ,该补丁意味着至少在 x86 上,/dev/urandom 的随机数计算变得安全,其他具有工作周期计数器的架构也将变得安全。

此外,大部分更新仍是围绕驱动程序展开,AMD GPU 驱动程序修复可能是最明显,也有一些网络,scsi,rdma,block 等修改。还有一些文件系统修复,核心网络这些通常的架构工,以及日常的工具更新、自测和性能改进。

更多内容可在 Linus Torvalds 的 Linux 5.18-rc2 邮件中查看。