New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 12.0a2 (Android, Windows, macOS, Linux)

新的 Alpha 版本:Tor 浏览器 12.0a2(Android、Windows、macOS、Linux)


Tor Browser 12.0a2 现在可以从 Tor 浏览器下载页面和我们的分发目录中获得。

这标志着我们在 Firefox ESR 102 系列上的第一个 alpha 版本,以及我们第一个基于 Firefox ESR(扩展支持版本)系列发布的 Android。

过去,我们的安卓版 Tor 浏览器一直基于 Firefox 快速发布计划。展望未来,适用于 Android 的 Tor 浏览器将基于最新的 Firefox ESR(与我们的 Windows、macOS 和 Linux 版本相同),并且我们将从快速发布分支向后移植特定于 Android 的安全更新。

这个更新的发布时间表应该让我们能够提高安卓版 Tor 浏览器的总体稳定性,并对我们未来的发布更有信心。

Tor 浏览器 12.0a2 将 Android、Windows、macOS 和 Linux 上的 Firefox 更新到 102.2.0esr。

我们也借此机会更新 Tor 浏览器的其他各种组件:

Tor Launcher 0.2.39(仅限桌面)
NoScript 11.4.10
Go 1.18.5(仅限安卓)
此版本包括 Firefox 的重要安全更新。我们还支持以下特定于 Android 的安全更新:

值得注意的是,我们还为安卓版 Tor 浏览器启用了 HTTPS-Only 模式(桌面版已经启用了此功能)。此功能在启用时会覆盖 HTTPS-Everywhere 功能。现在这可以在“设置>隐私和安全”窗格中恢复(参见:。

Tor Browser 12.0a2 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.

This marks our first alpha on the Firefox ESR 102 series, and our first Android released based on the Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) series.

In the past, our Tor Browser for Android releases have been based on the Firefox Rapid Release schedule. Going forward, Tor Browser for Android will be based on the latest Firefox ESR (same as our Windows, macOS and Linux releases) and we will be back-porting Android-specific security updates from the Rapid Release branches.

This updated release schedule should allow us to improve the general stability of Tor Browser for Android and be more confident in our releases going forward.

Tor Browser 12.0a2 updates Firefox on Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux to 102.2.0esr.

We use this opportunity to update various other components of Tor Browser as well :

Tor Launcher 0.2.39 (Desktop only)
NoScript 11.4.10
Go 1.18.5 (Android only)
This version includes important security updates to Firefox. We also backport the following Android-specific security updates:

Notably, we have also enabled HTTPS-Only mode for Tor Browser for Android (this feature is already enabled for Desktop). This feature, when enabled, overrides HTTPS-Everywhere functionality. For now this can be reverted in the ‘Settings > Privacy and security’ pane( see: ).

The full changelog since Tor Browser 12.0a1 is:

All Platforms
Update Firefox to 102.2.0esr
Update Tor to
Update NoScript to 11.4.10
Update Translations
bug tor-browser#40242: Tor Browser has two default bridges that share a fingerprint, and Tor ignores one
Windows + macOS + Linux
Update Tor-Launcher to 0.2.39
Update Manual
Bug tor-browser-build#40580: Add support for uk (ukranian) locale
Bug tor-browser-buid#40595: Migrate to 102 on desktop
Bug tor-browser#41075: The Tor Browser is showing caution sign but your document said it won’t
Bug tor-browser#41089: Add tor-browser build scripts + Makefile to tor-browser
Bug tor-browser#41108: Remove privileged macOS installation from 102
Bug fenix#40225: Bundled extensions don’t get updated with Android Tor Browser updates (they stay stuck at the first installed version)
Bug tor-browser#41094: Enable HTTPS-Only Mode by default in Tor Browser Android
Bug tor-browser#41156: User-installed addons are broken on Android
Bug tor-browser#41166: Backport fix for CVE-2022-36317: Long URL would hang Firefox for Android (Bug 1759951)
Bug tor-browser#41167: Backport fix for CVE-2022-38474: Recording notification not shown when microphone was recording on Android (Bug 1719511)
Build System
All Platforms
Bug tor-browser-build#40407: Bump binutils version to pick up security improvements for Windows users
Bug tor-browser-build#40591: Rust 1.60 not working to build 102 on Debian Jessie
Bug tor-browser-build#40592: Consider re-using our LLVM/Clang to build Rust
Bug tor-browser-build#40593: Update signing scripts to take into account new project names and layout
Bug tor-browser-build#40607: Add alpha-specific release prep template
Bug tor-browser-build#40610: src-*.tar.xz tarballs are missing in
Bug tor-browser-build#40612: Migrate Release Prep template to Release Prep – Stable
Windows + macOS + Linux
Bug tor-browser#41099: Update+comment the update channels in update_responses.config.yaml
Bug tor-browser-buid#29318: Use Clang for everything on Windows
Bug tor-browser-build#29321: Use mingw-w64/clang toolchain to build tor
Bug tor-browser-build#29322: Use mingw-w64/clang toolchain to build OpenSSL
Bug tor-browser-build#40409: Upgrade NSIS to 3.08
Bug tor-browser-build#40605: Reworked the macOS toolchain creation
Bug tor-browser-build#40620: Update macosx-sdk to 11.0
Bug tor-browser-build#31321: Add cc -> gcc link to projects/gcc
Update Go to 1.18.5
Bug tor-browser-build#40574: Improve tools/signing/android-signing
Bug tor-browser-build#40582: Prepared TBA to use Mozilla 102 components
Bug tor-browser-build#40604: Bug 40604: Fix binutils build on android