Brave 是基于 Chromium 的一款免费开源网络浏览器,主打隐私保护,其默认设置就会自动阻止在线广告和网站跟踪。Brave Software(Brave 浏览器所属公司)于 2015 年由 Brendan Eich 和 Brian Bondy 联合创立,其中前者是 JavaScript 的创造者,同时也是 Mozilla 联合创始人。

Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on Chromium, with a focus on privacy protection, and its default settings automatically block online advertising and website tracking. Brave Software (the company behind the Brave browser) was co-founded in 2015 by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, and Brian Bondy, the former co-founder of Mozilla.

Brave 1.35 is released with the following updates:

Upgrade Chromium to 98.0.4758.87
Fixed an issue where the last connected account was selected when multiple accounts were provided to OpenSea
Disables viewing of Brave Wallet panel “Site Permissions” in some cases
HaTS disabled
Removed “navigator.connection”
Removed known user tracking parameter “igshid” from some URLs
Removed “Networks” and “Addresses” in the “Add/Switch Networks” panel under Brave Wallet
Removed permission validity period option from U2F permission dialog
Fixed an issue where input values ​​were not reset when the network changed
Added “wallet_requestPermissions” and “wallet_getPermissions” for compatibility with and other sites.
Added web3’s “currentProvider” shim for compatibility with and
Added “personal_ecRecover” signature for compatibility with

Added “Add suggested tokens” panel to Brave Wallet
Added “Ethereum Site Permissions” UI to Brave Wallet
Added the ability to modify the current network under Brave Wallet
Added ability to set wallet network active under Brave://settings/wallet/networks
Added tooltip showing exact date and time to transaction history under Brave Wallet
Added a plus icon to the “Select Network” dropdown to navigate to Brave://settings/wallet/networks in a new tab
Added EIP-55 verification address check in Send widget
Added display of active transactions and token balances in the panel
[Security] Added .torrc file in Brave
[Security] Fixed “Allow script once” not working under Shields in some cases
Improved keyboard accessibility for Brave Wallet
Updated Brave Rewards payment status information

More details can be viewed:

Brave 1.35 发布,更新内容如下:

  • 将 Chromium 升级到 98.0.4758.87
  • 当为 OpenSea 提供多个账户时,修复了最后连接的账户被选中的问题
  • 在某些情况下禁止查看 Brave Wallet 面板的 “网站权限”
  • 禁用了 HaTS
  • 删除了 “navigator.connection”
  • 从某些 URL 中删除了已知的用户跟踪参数 “igshid”
  • 删除了 Brave Wallet 下 “添加/切换网络” 面板中的 “网络” 和 “地址”
  • 从 U2F 权限对话框中删除了权限有效期选项
  • 修正了网络改变时输入值不被重置的问题
  • 增加了 “wallet_requestPermissions” 和 “wallet_getPermissions”,以便与 和其他网站兼容。
    添加了 web3 的 “currentProvider” shim(垫片),以便与 和 互相兼容。
    添加了 “personal_ecRecover” 签名,以兼容

    在 Brave Wallet 中添加了 “添加建议 tokens” 面板

  • 在 Brave Wallet 中添加了 “Ethereum Site Permissions” 用户界面
  • 增加了在 Brave Wallet 下修改当前网络的功能
  • 增加了在 Brave://settings/wallet/networks 下将钱包网络设置为活动的功能
  • 在 Brave Wallet 下为交易历史增加了显示确切日期和时间的工具提示
  • 为 “选择网络” 下拉菜单添加了加号图标,可在新标签中导航到 Brave://settings/wallet/networks
  • 在发送小工具中增加了 EIP-55 校验地址检查
  • 在面板中增加了活动交易和代币余额的显示
  • [安全] 在 Brave 中添加了 .torrc 文件
  • [安全] 修正了在某些情况下 Shields 下的 “允许脚本一次” 不工作的问题
  • 改进了 Brave Wallet 的键盘可访问性
  • 更新了 Brave Rewards 支付的状态信息
  • ……