Have you tried it? WeChat has completely loosened its external links. This is definitely good news for netizens.

According to WeChat’s latest statement, in order to promote interconnection, WeChat has completely loosened its external links, and users who have tried unsuccessfully before can now experience it happily.

WeChat stated that it will continue to work with major Internet platforms to promote interconnection plans under the guidance of regulatory authorities, actively cooperate with other Internet platforms to implement interconnection and interoperability, and explore the technical possibilities of smooth use of WeChat services on other platforms for users. Provide a better experience.

Judging from the current measured experience, users can already open Taobao, Douyin and other links in WeChat, that is, they will be able to directly access external links in the point-to-point chat scene. At the same time, the official also stated that the follow-up plan is to develop an independent selection mode to provide users with external links. Management function.

In fact, WeChat’s “relaxation” of external links has already started two months ago. In September of this year, WeChat issued a statement on the adjustment of the “WeChat External Link Content Management Standards”, stating that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently put forward special guidance on external chain management. Under the guidance of the regulatory authorities, the WeChat external chain management measures will be implemented in phases and steps. The first phase will be implemented on September 17.

Among them, the opening of the WeChat external chain will follow four major principles: prevent behaviors that violate national laws and regulations; prevent excessive acquisition of user privacy and endanger network information security and data security; prevent excessive marketing, induced sharing, and other behaviors that harm users’ interests Behaviour; and insist on user-oriented, and give more choices to users.

WeChat mentioned in the adjustment content of the first stage that under the premise of ensuring information security, after users upgrade to the latest version of WeChat, they can access external links in the one-to-one chat scene, and at the same time set up an external link complaint portal, users can report violations Violation of external links. The platform will handle it in accordance with the corresponding rules, and establish a credit rating for the management effectiveness of the platform provided by the external chain.