1607版的win10加入了内存压缩功能,但是对于游戏来说个人感觉只有副作用,会损失不少CPU性能,记得之前2550K 8G 7870因为更新了1607,GTA5间歇性掉帧,打开任务管理器发现大量的已压缩内存,比使用虚拟内存体验糟糕了许多,无奈下加了内存,国内能搜索到的关闭内存压缩的方法都是让关虚拟内存,但是这样会导致内存不足的时候直接弹出,其他方法都测试无效,今天无意中谷歌了下找到了完美关闭这个功能的方法,当然内存够用的话关不关都随意,反正我这个强迫症关了后心理上感觉好点,虽然目前内存够用了
开始菜单右键选择“windows powershell(管理员)”输入以下命令
关闭内存压缩:Disable-MMAgent -mc

开启内存压缩:Enable-MMAgent -mc




如果按照上面的方法  检测状态还是true

彻底关闭所有项最简单办法 可以去服务里禁用Superfetch服务(现在已伪装成sysmain)





开启后, 应用预启动 内存压缩 页合并都可以单独开启/关闭

想看英文版的 关闭内存压缩和页面合并(关于此技术的作用和负面影响,详见

What is the performance value of Memory Compression for Citrix CVAD?

引出此文的帖子 (工作专用Win10企业版:精挑细选,追求极致稳定)

这个镜像看着不错  里面的优化项可以参考


1607 version of win10 added memory compression function, but for the game, I personally feel that it is only a side effect, which will lose a lot of CPU performance. Remember that 2550K 8G 7870 was updated with 1607 and GTA5 dropped frames intermittently. Open the task manager and found a lot of The experience of compressed memory is much worse than using virtual memory. I have no choice but to add memory. The methods that can be searched in China to turn off memory compression are to turn off virtual memory, but this will cause it to pop up directly when the memory is insufficient. Other methods are The test is invalid. Today I accidentally Googled and found a perfect way to turn off this feature. Of course, if the memory is enough, you can turn it off at will. Anyway, I feel better psychologically after turning off my obsessive-compulsive disorder, although I currently have enough memory.

Methods as below:
Right-click on the start menu and select “windows powershell (administrator)” and enter the following command
Turn off memory compression: Disable-MMAgent -mc
Restart to take effect

If you want to restore:
Turn on memory compression: Enable-MMAgent -mc
Restart and restore

View current status: Get-mmagent

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If the detection status is still true according to the above method

The easiest way to completely close all items is to disable the Superfetch service in the service (now disguised as sysmain)

Win10’s memory compression and page merge features will be turned off together


ApplicationLaunchPrefetching is application startup prefetching, parameter -alp
ApplicationPreLaunch is the application pre-launch, the corresponding parameter is -apl
MemoryCompression is memory compression, the corresponding parameter is -mc
OperationAPI is the operation API, the parameter -oa
PageCombining is page merging, the corresponding parameter is -pc


Observing with Get-MMAgent, it is found that the pre-read item is forcibly bound to the service.
After opening, application pre-launch, memory compression, page merging can be turned on/off separately

I want to see the English version of Turn off memory compression and page merging (for details on the role and negative effects of this technology, see

What is the performance value of Memory Compression for Citrix CVAD?

The post that led to this article (Win10 Enterprise Edition for work: carefully selected, the pursuit of ultimate stability)

This mirror looks good, the optimization items in it can be referred to