win10系统用久了显卡驱动卡顿造成桌面图标缓存延迟,如何解决 无论多好的系统

从xp时代开始 经历了 7、8、10 现在则是11,只要系统重装后一段时间 ,短则半个月,长则两三个月或者半年 ,系统就会表现的卡顿

无论多好的配置,都会如此,你会感到系统明显的不如刚装好时候流畅好用 到底是为何?


我现在常用的软件是截图工具 Snipaste ,这是一款非常好用的开源软件 ,新装的系统 截图时候几乎没有卡顿,秒截图秒保存

系统用了一段时间 就会出现桌面图标延迟,具体表现为 新建或者删除桌面某个图标或者文件,除非刷新,否则桌面仍然显示新建或删除前的状态,这就是所谓的桌面图标延迟,网上的解决方法无非是重建桌面图标缓存,

C:\Users\你的用户名\AppData\Local\ 找到 IconCache.db 把他删除

如果路径不对 就利用搜索功能 查找 删除后重启电脑

如果用第三方软件 设置了temp路径  则利用运行功能  运行命令 %temp% 直接打开缓存文件夹 找到 IconCache.db 把他删除

当然这样如果还是不行  我使用的其他方法

1.卸载显卡驱动  安装最新版显卡驱动后重启




我经过这些步骤后重启电脑  , 系统恢复了正常  使用截图也不卡顿了 秒存 不错

这个痛点困扰了我很久 , 今天解决了

当然此文并非适用于所有电脑的情况 我只是如实记录日志 可能对你就派上用场 谢谢关注

The win10 system has been used for a long time and the graphics card driver is stuck, causing the desktop icon cache to be delayed. How to solve it no matter how good the system is

Since the XP era, it has gone through 7, 8, and 10. Now it is 11. As long as the system is reinstalled for a period of time, the short is half a month, and the long is two or three months or half a year, the system will be stuck.

No matter how good the configuration is, you will feel that the system is obviously not as smooth and easy to use as it was just installed. Why?


The software I commonly use now is the screenshot tool Snipaste, which is a very easy-to-use open source software. The newly installed system has almost no lag when taking screenshots, and the screenshots are saved in seconds.

After the system has been used for a period of time, there will be a delay in desktop icons, which is manifested in the creation or deletion of an icon or file on the desktop. Unless it is refreshed, the desktop still displays the state before the creation or deletion. This is the so-called desktop icon delay. Online solution The method is nothing more than rebuilding the desktop icon cache,

C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\ Find IconCache.db and delete it

If the path is wrong, use the search function to find it, delete it and restart the computer

If the temp path is set with third-party software, use the run function to run the command %temp% to open the cache folder directly, find IconCache.db and delete it

Of course, if that still doesn’t work, other methods I use

1. Uninstall the graphics card driver Install the latest version of the graphics card driver and restart

2. Disable the Aero translucent, because Microsoft has also added the Aero translucent effect in Win10, especially on the start menu. Low-spec computers can’t handle much special effects, so there will be lag. Click the Start menu → “Settings” → “Personalization”, then select “Colors” in the pop-up panel, pull the right pane to the end, and close the last “Make the Start menu, taskbar and action center transparent” check frame.

3. Disable system animation effects. Animation effects are also a major culprit that causes the menu to pop up slowly.

In the Settings panel→Ease of Access→Other Options tab, we can see a setting item called “Visual Options”, the top item in it is “Play animation in Windows”, just turn off the switch below.

After I went through these steps, I restarted the computer, and the system returned to normal. The screenshots are not stuck, and the second save is good.

This pain point has been bothering me for a long time, and I solved it today

Of course, this article is not applicable to all computer situations, I just record the log truthfully, it may come in handy for you, thank you for your attention