Earlier this year, Tencent announced a large number of drama films at the 2021 Tencent Video Film and Television annual release event, among which the TV series “Three Body” has attracted widespread attention.

On November 3, the first trailer of the domestic TV series “Three-Body” was exposed: Are there aliens in this world? Does physics in human cognition really exist? What does the end of the mysterious countdown mean? The fleet from the Three-Body World has opened, and where is the fate of the human world going… According to the video, in the drama version of “Three-Body”, Zhang Luyi plays the physicist Wang Miao and explores the three-body system with the detective Shi Qiang, played by Yu Hewei The mysterious purpose of civilization.

The soul character Ye Wenjie in the original book is played by Chen Jin and Wang Ziwen in old age and youth. Army Major General Chang Weisi and physicist Shen Yufei are played by Lin Yongjian and Li Xiaoran respectively.

Based on the famous science fiction writer Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name, the play tells that nanomaterials scientist Wang Miao and criminal police officer Shi Qiang jointly unveiled the mystery of the “three-body” world of extraterrestrial civilization.

The “Three Body” TV series will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video’s entire network and is expected to be broadcast online in 2022.

导演: 杨磊
编剧: 刘慈欣
主演: 张鲁一 / 于和伟 / 陈瑾 / 王子文 / 林永健 / 更多…
类型: 剧情 / 科幻
制片国家/地区: 中国大陆
语言: 汉语普通话
集数: 24
又名: 三体电视剧版




该剧根据着名科幻作家刘慈欣同名小说改编,讲述纳米材料学家汪淼与刑警史强共同揭开了地外文明 “三体”世界的神秘面纱 。



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