万里的青春在这一刻落幕,我明白了军事力量的意义: 元旦快乐《长津湖》The Battle at Lake Changjin 高清版上线网络播放

万里的青春在这一刻落幕,我明白了军事力量的意义。 元旦快乐《长津湖》The Battle at Lake Changjin 高清版上线网络播放






Wanli’s youth ended at this moment, and I understood the meaning of military power. On January 1, 2022, the high-definition version of “Changjin Lake” was launched on Youku. Members can watch it online for free. With this film, the domestic movie box office in 2021 will not be so ugly. The high-definition version is released today. There should be a lot of people who want to watch it. The reputation of the movie is mixed. Whether it is good or not, you have to watch it yourself. Youku: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTIwMjY2ODUxNg==.html I finished watching Changjin Lake last night. After I came out, my husband asked me how I was. With red eyes, I said, deeply shocked and deeply educated. In the movie theater, there was always sobbing behind me. But the girl on my right was probably accompanied by her company. After a while impatiently, she swiped her phone and moved left and right on the seat. The man on my husband’s left was playing games on the phone during the second half of the movie. At the same time, the film was too bloody. It is true that different people watching the same movie will have different feelings. I asked my husband if he was crying. My husband said that he had read too many materials about the Korean War to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea, and he was able to bear it. He said that the last ice sculpture group was not the dozen or so people shown in the movie, but a few hundred people. He said that at that time, in order to delay time, there was a suicide group every short distance, and his destined death was exchanged for the rear. In time, he said that although Changjin Lake had won, the U.S. changed its commander and fought back the position that China had regained. He said that the scenes when the bombs came were really real, that is, people’s bodies would be blown up and flesh and blood would be blown up all at once. He said that he had seen American war films like this before, but now China can also shoot them, very powerful. . He is, this kind of movie needs to be made more and more powerful than words and slogans. I was most shocked by the first “war scene.” The reason I put quotation marks on the war scene was because it didn’t start at all. It was a unilateral crush, or more accurately, a massacre. Volunteers marched through the rocky hills and suddenly encountered enemy patrols. The volunteers could only try to cover by disguising themselves as corpses, which really deceived the eyes of the US military. But just as the two patrol planes were about to fly over and the danger was about to be lifted, the planes suddenly turned around. When the enemy plane turned around and prepared for a second bombardment of the “corpse”, when the camera advanced to the pupils of Zhang Xiaoshan, a recruit who had just enlisted in the army, the pupils of Xiaoshan gradually enlarged, but my eyes were narrowing more and more tightly. I squinted from me. In the tight eyes, I saw the enemy plane that the hill saw flying closer, but there was nothing I could do. I could only feel the ever-increasing fear and the unwillingness and helplessness of resignation. Then there was the buzzing sound, and then the stumps of arms and legs that were blown up all over the screen, bloody and bloody. Everything came too suddenly, death came too suddenly, and the Volunteers had suffered heavy losses before they even reached the battlefield. I felt my chest locked tightly together, and my whole body and mind were strongly shaken, and all subsequent episodes were aftershocks. Our army was waiting, vowing to fight to the death, close-up small shots of the face spread out on the black screen one by one, and the offensive was full. But the U.S. military plane just turned around, and departed lightly with death and sadness that they didn’t care about. This battle is too unequal, and I am a fish. No language can better explain why we are desperately building airplanes and developing military defense capabilities than this scene. The hill is gone, no one knows the meaning of the necklace he wears, and the red scarf that symbolizes the beauty and ignorance of youth has never appeared again. The youth of thousands of miles ends at this moment. On the battlefield, there is only a moment of time left for youth. A brief introduction to the plot of Changjin Lake · · · · · · The film takes the Battle of Changjin Lake in the Second Battle of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea as the background. Under the harsh environment, the Eastern Front combat troops pursued all the way with the iron will and the brave and fearless fighting spirit, slaying the enemy courageously, reversing the situation of the battlefield, and exerting military prestige. The download address is not available on this site










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