NFT和元宇宙大热,这四个加密货币(MANA/Axie Infinity/Enjin/Sandbox)或将受益

Cryptocurrencies are a product of financial revolution and evolution.
Over the past few decades, technology has changed our lives. Thanks to advances in technology, the way we shop, communicate, work, drive, and more has changed.
It took the financial industry a long time to catch up, but the emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has been growing at lightning speed over the past 10 years. In fact, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, have become more mainstream assets over the past year.
In 2022, NFTs and the Metaverse will be two breakthrough technological innovations. There are now more than 16,935 cryptocurrencies in cyberspace, some of which are aimed at non-cryptocurrency markets, including NFTs and the Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Metaverse, which Zuckerberg even renamed Facebook to Meta Platforms late last year .
What is NFT?
An NFT is a non-fungible unit of data stored on the blockchain. NFTs can be reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. The NFT owner has the ownership and distribution rights of the file.
Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, NFTs are unique digital tokens that are fungible or exchangeable for another Bitcoin, Ethereum or cash. A reasonable analogy is that Bitcoin and Ethereum are like dollars, euros, or other means of exchange, while NFTs are unique assets like art, wine, or other collectibles.
NFTs and the Metaverse
In early 2022, NFTs and Metaverse will become centers of innovation as technology develops. The Metaverse blends virtual, augmented and physical reality, blurring the lines between cyber and reality. The Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social relationships.
Those young people born in the 1990s are very familiar with computer games, and they have a better understanding and adaptability to NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. And now cryptocurrencies have surpassed the younger generation as their incredible growth in value attracts investors and speculators of all ages.
NFT stands for digital ownership of digital assets, which is a little bit incomprehensible to baby boomers and older generations. The Metaverse goes a step further because it exists in another dimension, more like science fiction than reality.
If you love the Metaverse and NFTs, these four tokens below might grab your attention.
Decentraland (MANA) is an open source 3D virtual world platform. Users can purchase virtual land as NFT on the platform through MANA cryptocurrency. MANA opened to the public in February 2020 and is overseen by the non-profit Decentraland Foundation. It described the coin as “the first virtual world owned by the user.”
Decentraland is based on ERC20 standard token MANA profile, NFT, metaverse related tokens
As of January 20, at $2.81 per token, MANA’s market value was $5.12 billion, ranking 32nd.
MANA chart, source: CoinMarketCapMANA chart, source: CoinMarketCap
The chart shows that in September 2017, the MANA coin started trading at 2.5 cents and rose to a high of $5.4792 on November 24, 2021, at the $2.81 level at the time of writing.
The pricing and position of MANA in the broader crypto market mirrors the growth of NFTs and the metaverse.
Axie Infinity and Enjin
Axie Infinity is a digital pet community where users can buy pets called Axies and use them to fight, explore and breed other Axies. They claim that Axis is a new type of game partly owned and operated by players.
Users earn tokens by playing AXS and use them to determine the future of the game.
The price of AXS on January 20 was $72.13, with a market capitalization of more than $4.3 billion, ranking 36th.
AXS Chart, Source: CoinMarketCapAXS Chart, Source: CoinMarketCap
As shown, AXS started trading at $0.15/token in November 2020 and rose to a high of $160.36 on November 6, 2021, trading around $72 at the time of writing. Like MANA, AXS reflects the growth of non-functional memory and meta-spacetime.
Enjin (ENJ) promotes the use of NFTs. The token’s website states: “You can use NFTs to grow your business, earn and trade, and integrate with games and applications.”
Enjin (Enjin coin, ENJ) virtual currency small file, NFT metaverse related tokens ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain
At $2.26 per token on January 20, ENJ is the 61st leading cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $1.9 billion.
ENJ Chart, Source: CoinMarketCap ENJ Chart, Source: CoinMarketCap
ENJ started trading at 1.7 cents per token in November 2017. The cryptocurrency peaked at $4.6858 on Nov. 24 and is hovering at the $2.2 level at the time of writing. ENJ is a cryptocurrency that operates as an NFT expert.
Sandbox Sandbox
The Sandbox is based on Ethereum-based functional token SAND small file, NFT, metaverse related tokens
Sandbox (SAND) is a mobile game released in 2012. Its website states:
“The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse where players can experience, build, own and monetize their virtual experiences. We empower artists, creators and players to create the platform they’ve always wanted to create and provide them with the freedom to unleash themselves A platform for creativity.”
With a price of $4.27 as of January 20, SAND is the 40th leading cryptocurrency with a market cap of $3.92 billion.
SAND Chart, Source: CoinMarketCap SAND Chart, Source: CoinMarketCap
SAND started August 2020 at 5.1 cents and reached a high of $8.4022 on November 24, 2021. SAND, currently priced at $4.27, is a cryptocurrency that includes NFTs and the metaverse.
In the cryptocurrency asset class, MANA, AXS, ENJ, and SAND hold nearly 17,000 tokens, and they are at the top of many cryptocurrencies, indicating the market’s recognition of NFTs and the metaverse.
Meta Platform is the world’s leading social media company with a market capitalization of nearly $1 trillion. The company has made a big bet on the Metaverse, betting that it will be the future of humanity, and investors and traders should pay close attention.



在过去的几十年里,科技改变了我们的生活。 由于技术的进步,我们购物、交流、工作、开车等的方式都发生了变化。

金融业花了很长时间才赶上来,但区块链技术和加密货币的出现在过去10年中一直在以闪电般的速度增长。 事实上,比特币和以太坊这两种市值最高的加密货币在过去一年里已成为更主流的资产。

2022年,NFT和元宇宙将成为两个突破性的技术创新。 目前网络空间中有超过16935个加密货币,其中一些是针对非加密货币市场的,包括NFT和Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ:FB)的元宇宙,去年年底,扎克伯格甚至将Facebook更名为Meta平台。


NFT是存储在区块链上的一种不可互换的数据单元。NFT可以是可复制的数字文件,如照片、视频和音频。 NFT所有者拥有文件的所有权和分发权。

与比特币或以太币等加密货币不同,NFT是一种独特的数字代币,它们是可替代的,或可兑换成另一种比特币、以太币或现金。一个合理的类比是,比特币和以太币就像美元、欧元或其他交换手段,而 NFT 就像艺术品、美酒或其他收藏品,是独一无二的资产。


2022年初,随着技术的发展,NFT和元世界将成为创新中心。元宇宙融合了虚拟现实、增强现实和物理现实,模糊了网络和现实的界限。元宇宙是一个专注于社交关系的 3D 虚拟世界网络。


NFT代表数字资产的数字所有权,这对婴儿潮一代和老一辈人来说有点难以理解。 元宇宙则更进一步,因为它存在于另一个维度,更像是科幻小说而非现实。



Decentraland (MANA)是一个开源的3D虚拟世界平台。 用户可以通过MANA加密货币在平台上购买虚拟土地作为NFT。 MANA于2020年2月向公众开放,由非营利的Decentraland基金会监督。 它将该代币描述为“用户拥有的第一个虚拟世界”。




Axie Infinity 和 Enjin


Axie Infinity是一个数字宠物社区,用户可以购买名为Axies的宠物,并使用它们来战斗、探索和繁殖其他Axies。 他们宣称Axis是一种由玩家部分拥有和运营的新型游戏。



如图所示,AXS在2020年11月开始以0.15美元/代币交易,在2021年11月6日升至160.36美元的高点,在撰写本文时交易价格约为72美元。 和MANA一样,AXS反映了非功能性记忆体和元时空的增长。

Enjin (ENJ)则促进了NFT的使用。 该代币网站指出: “你可以使用NFT来发展你的业务,赚取和交易,并与游戏和应用程序相结合。”


ENJ于2017年11月开始以每代币1.7美分的价格交易。 该加密货币在11月24日达到4.6858美元的峰值,在撰写本文时徘徊在2.2美元的水平。ENJ 是一种以 NFT 专家身份运作的加密货币。


Sandbox (SAND) 是一款发布于2012年的手机游戏。 其网站表示:

“沙盒是一个虚拟的元宇宙,玩家可以在这里体验、建造、拥有和盈利他们的虚拟体验。 我们授权艺术家、创造者和玩家去创造他们一直想要创造的平台,并提供给他们释放自己创造力的平台。”


SAND在2020年8月开始以5.1美分的价格交易,并在2021年11月24日达到8.4022美元的高点。 SAND目前的价格为4.27美元,是一种包含NFT和元宇宙的加密货币。