The Sandbox基于以太坊的功能型代币SAND小档案 NFT 元宇宙相关代币

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NameThe Sandbox, SAND
Release time 2020-08-13
The market value of the whole network is 0.17
24-hour transaction on the whole network —
921 million in circulation
A total of 3 billion issued
The maximum circulation is 3 billion
Circulation accounted for 30.70%
24 hours change hands 39.93%
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The full English name of SAND coin is The Sandbox, which is the NFT token of the meta-international sector invested by Binance. Most investors must have heard of this kind of virtual currency. In fact, The Sandbox is a virtual game world. SAND currency is the functional token that the project intends to build on Ethereum. Different game experience to get corresponding token rewards. At present, the SAND coin project has established cooperative relations with more than 50 partners including ATARI, Crypto Kitties and other well-known projects. Many investors are very curious to know what is the prospect of Yuan International’s SAND coin? Let the editor of Chain Encyclopedia take you to understand the prospect of Yuan International SAND coin.
This article will take you to understand the prospect of Yuan International SAND currency
Sandbox is also a rare project in the blockchain project that has been in operation for a long time. It was launched on the mobile game terminal in 2012, and has received 40 million downloads and 1 million active users. In 2018, the production of the global 3D version of Sandbox started, as we just said, allowing players to create and hold financial game experience through SAND tokens.
Sandbox sees that game developers and producers do not get rewards through the games on the Applestore, and there is no way to monetize their inventions and time spent in games. Next, I will share with us how Sandbox solves this problem.
Since 2017, there was a game of CryptoKitties that was very popular at that time. We saw the potential of NFTtoken from this game, which allowed users in this channel to get rewards for producing games.
The Sandbox channel has three central elements. By understanding these three elements, you will probably know what the game is like.
Centrally speaking, it is an ecosystem that gathers inventors and players. There are three central elements: one is the modification software, VoxEdit, as well as the market for channel planning and the production of the game itself. Modifying software is actually a reflection of the Sandbox team’s focus on content inventors. They chose VoxNFT and its modification software VoxEdit, so that players have the power to tokenize artistic inventions and game inventions, allowing users to use and invent 3D pixel models. Fantastic animation.
There is also a trading market, which can convert your own inventions into NFTs through smart contracts inside the game, non-fungible tokens, and you can also get surplus by selling tokens. Therefore, the game itself allows players to invent 3D games, the threshold is very low, and no programming knowledge is required.
What about SAND coins?
The Sandbox is a unique virtual world game, the gameplay is similar to the best-selling open world game “Minecraft” in history; through the Ethereum-based functional token SAND, gamers can pass The Sandbox Game Maker, To create digital assets (non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs), upload them to the store, and create a game experience through a simple drag and drop method. In the virtual world, people can unlock real estate, land, etc. in the game by obtaining the non-fungible token (NFT) LAND invented based on the Ethereum ERC-721 protocol.
There are a lot of virtual land (LAND) in The Sandbox International. $SAND is a functional token based on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol. It will form the dual-token system of The Sandbox International with LAND. By participating in the channel management operations of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), $SAND holders can cast a key vote on changes to The Sandbox’s gaming environment.
The Sandbox aims to attract more crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts and bring blockchain to the mainstream with the benefits of true ownership, digital scarcity, profitability and interoperability that blockchain technology brings Games International. Players can use the channel token SAND to create, own and profit from their own gaming experience in the Ethereum blockchain. Here you can play, invent, collect, earn, manage and own anything in the game.
To sum up, this is the answer of the editor of Chain Encyclopedia on the prospect of Yuan International’s SAND coin. I hope that this article from the editor of Chain Encyclopedia will help you understand the prospect of Yuan International’s SAND currency. Coin has a more in-depth understanding of the currency. I would like to remind all investors here that the development of the SAND coin is still very good in the entire meta-international sector. It builds a very attractive virtual world and attracts various types of players. Young people or old people can have a good game experience here. The success of Sandbox is also destined to increase the value of SAND rapidly. In conclusion, the potential of SAND coin is huge, and I believe it will also have a role in the NFT sector. Very well represented.
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Babbitt News, on January 21, NFT platform Ethernity announced a strategic cooperation with blockchain game and metaverse project The Sandbox. Ethernety will bring its library of world-class licenses to The Sandbox metaverse, allowing players to wear their avatars with certified and fully licensed clothing from well-known stars, players, brands, teams, leagues, and more.
It is reported that Ethernity is a community-oriented platform that provides limited edition certified NFTs (aNFTs) and trading cards.
Top French fashion magazine L’OFFICIEL has announced plans to launch a virtual clothing line within the growing concept of the metaverse. L’OFFICIEL said in a blog post that the company has an eye on the metaverse in the future, and its recent acquisition by Hong Kong-based financial services firm AMTD International will help with that shift. AMTD International will collaborate with L’OFFICIEL on the Fashion Skin project in The Sandbox and acquire land. The project will use artificial intelligence linked to the L’OFFICIEL database to design a range of virtual garments. According to the magazine, it has more than 100,000 exclusive images in more than a century of distribution. After the acquisition, AMTD plans to expand L’OFFICIEL’s business in Hong Kong, Macau, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and the Netherlands. (Finbold)
Project Description
The Sandbox is a virtual game world where players can create and own different gaming experiences, and earn money from them, through the Ethereum-based utility token SAND. Gamers can use The Sandbox Game Maker to create digital assets (non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs), upload them to the store, and create gaming experiences with a simple drag-and-drop method. The Sandbox aims to bring blockchain into the mainstream by attracting more crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts through the benefits of true ownership, digital scarcity, profitability and interoperability that blockchain technology brings game world.
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名称The Sandbox、SAND










SAND币的英文全称是The Sandbox,它是币安投资的元国际板块的NFT代币。想必多数投资者都听说过这一种虚拟币种,其实The Sandbox就一个虚拟的游戏国际,SAND币就是该项意图建立在以太坊上的功能型代币,玩家能够经过在该渠道中的不同的游戏体会来获得相应的代币奖励。目前SAND币这一项目现已与包括ATARI,Crypto Kitties加密猫这些知名项目在内的50多个同伴建立了合作关系。很多投资者很想知道元国际SAND币远景如何?下面就让链百科小编一文带您了解元国际SAND币远景。








The Sandbox是一款独特的虚拟国际游戏,玩法类似于史上最畅销的开放国际游戏“我的国际”(Minecraft);经过基于以太坊的功能型代币SAND,游戏玩家能够经过The Sandbox Game Maker,来创立数字财物(非同质化代币,也称NFT),将其上传到商铺,并经过简略的拖拉方式来创立游戏体会。在虚拟国际里,人们能够透过获得基于以太坊 ERC-721协议发明的非同质化代币(NFT)LAND,解锁游戏里头的房地产、土地等。

The Sandbox国际中总共有很多的虚拟土地(LAND),$SAND则是一种基于以太坊ERC-20协议的功能型代币,将与LAND形成The Sandbox国际的双代币系统,作用是让玩家们参加去中心化自治组织(DAO)的渠道管理作业,$SAND持有者可对The Sandbox的游戏环境变化投下关键的一票。

The Sandbox旨在经过区块链技术所带来的真正的所有权、数字稀缺性、盈余能力和互操作性的优势,来招引更多的加密和非加密游戏爱好者,将区块链带入主流游戏国际。玩家能够运用渠道代币SAND在以太坊区块链中创立、拥有自己的游戏体会并从中获利。在这里你能够玩、发明、搜集、赚取、管理和拥有游戏中的任何东西。





巴比特讯,1月21日,NFT平台Ethernity宣布与区块链游戏和元宇宙项目The Sandbox达成战略合作。Ethernety将把其世界级许可证库带到The Sandbox元宇宙,允许玩家为其虚拟形象穿上经过认证和完全授权的服装,这些服装来自知名明星、球员、品牌、团队、联赛等。


法国顶级时尚杂志《L’OFFICIEL》宣布计划在不断增长的元宇宙概念中推出虚拟服装系列。 L’OFFICIEL在一篇博客文章中表示,该公司未来将着眼于元宇宙,而它最近被总部位于中国香港的金融服务公司AMTD International收购,将有助于这一转变。AMTD International将与L’OFFICIEL在The Sandbox中合作开展Fashion Skin项目,并购入地块。该项目将利用与L’OFFICIEL数据库相连的人工智能设计一系列虚拟服装。据该杂志称,在一个多世纪的发行中,它拥有超过10万张独家图片。收购完成后,AMTD计划扩大L’OFFICIEL在香港、澳门、捷克、匈牙利、瑞士和荷兰等地的业务。(Finbold)



The Sandbox是一个虚拟游戏世界,通过基于以太坊的功能型代币SAND,玩家可以创建和拥有不同的游戏体验,并从中获得收益。游戏玩家可以通过The Sandbox Game Maker,来创建数字资产(非同质化代币,也称NFT),将其上传到商店,并通过简单的拖拉方式来创建游戏体验。 The Sandbox旨在通过区块链技术所带来的真正的所有权、数字稀缺性、盈利能力和互操作性的优势,来吸引更多的加密和非加密游戏爱好者,将区块链带入主流游戏世界。










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