Enjin(恩金币、ENJ)虚拟货币小档案,NFT 元宇宙相关代币 Ethereum区块链上的ERC-20代币

Issue data
Name Enjin Coin, ENJ
Release time 2017-11-02
The market value of the whole network is 0.08
24 hours on the entire network *Deal–*
847 million in circulation
Total issuance 1,000,000,000 ENJ
drunk *big release-
Circulation accounted for 84.75%
24 hours change hands 12.97%
technical model
Enjin is a digital value storage carrier that supports blockchain assets. Each NFT asset minted by the Enjin platform contains ENJ tokens. ENJ is locked in the NFT and removed with the NFT asset circulation.
economic model
Project Description
Enjin provides a software-integrated blockchain ecosystem that enables everyone to easily develop, trade, tokenize various digital assets, and conduct marketing activities in the blockchain marketplace. The Enjin ecosystem is powered by the Enjin Token (ENJ), a digital store of value that supports the value of NFTs blockchain assets. Every asset minted in the Enjin channel includes ENJ, which is locked inside and removed with the flow.
Source: BitpushNews
Text | Sara Zhang
Summary: Enjin raised $18.9 million to launch its first dedicated NFT blockchain, Efinity, on the Polkadot network, aiming to build better channels for NFT-based gaming and other uses. Described in its official announcement as a cross-chain token highway, Efinity aims to enable a specific future in which NFTs are as ubiquitous and simple to use as smartphones are today — any chain. ..
Enjin raised $18.9 million to launch its first dedicated NFT blockchain, Efinity, on the Polkadot network, aiming to build better channels for NFT-based gaming and other uses.
Described in its official announcement as a cross-chain token highway, Efinity aims to enable a specific future in which NFTs are as ubiquitous and simple to use as smartphones are today — any on-chain Any NFT (like Ethereum) can be easily transferred to Efinity.
In fact, Enjin is a leader in the NFT industry, bringing the first NFTs to life in 2017 and creating the advanced ERC-1155 NFT specification, which is now adopted by major companies such as Microsoft, Nike, and OpenSea.
And now as an improvement to the ERC-1155 NFT specification, Enjin is also developing a new cross-chain token specification called “Paratoken” that will allow any token, homogenous or non-fungible, from any blockchain The coin is migrated to the Efinity network and is compatible with the entire Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.
Efinity is built on Polkadot, and its official announcement describes Polkadot as a fully decentralized network. Enjin believes that Polkadot is dealing with the biggest problems facing blockchains right now: interoperability, scalability, speed, security, Privacy, exploitability and governance.
In an official statement, Enjin COO Caleb Applegate said that NFTs should work for everyone. The collaboration with Polkadot will allow Enjin to provide an easily accessible and scalable solution that enables everyone to participate in the new NFT economy.
Efinity will provide a fun, simple and convenient experience for all end users, he said.
Founded in 2009, Enjin has hundreds of thousands of communities on its channel and over 20 million users on its original channel. The company turned to focus on NFTs four years ago (2017) and built an ecosystem to enable game developers to add blockchain to their games.
As of now, about 40 game companies are using it. It is racing against Ethereum as a key channel for gaming *tokens*.
One of Enjin’s strengths is environmental protection, and it released a five-step plan to achieve carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030.
One of the problems with these early blockchains, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, was that they required a lot of computing power to mine tokens and verify authenticity, based on proof-of-work (PoW) mechanisms in which miners deal with complex computational puzzles.
But Enjin is moving to proof-of-stake (PoS), in which blockchain verification relies on a small number of trusted accounting partners to verify data. This verification method does not consume much energy.
While Ethereum can only process 15 transactions per second, Efinity doesn’t even need a digital wallet, transactions will be recognized in 6 seconds, and can scale to 1,000 transactions per second through proof-of-stake.
Additionally, Enjin has now built bridges with other channels such as Ethereum.
Enjin Chief Technology Officer Witek Radomski said in an official statement that digital assets should exist on the entire blockchain. Increased liquidity across blockchains and usage scenarios will link creators, buyers and sellers into the broader ecosystem, he said.
Enjin created Enjin Coin (ENJ) in 2017 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It powers Enjin’s NFT ecosystem: every NFT minted with the Enjin channel is backed by ENJ, and every minted NFT can be easily fused back into ENJ.
This gives instant liquidity to NFTs minted by Enjin and reassures owners that their NFTs will always have guaranteed real-world value that can be cashed out with the simple click of a button.
The launch of Efinity introduces a new utility to ENJ: staking.
Holders of ENJ can stake their ENJ and earn forced income in the form of Efinity’s native currency, Efinity Token (EFI). ENJ staked in NFTs will be automatically staked and forced to generate EFI returns.
The team released a white*/pi*/ book detailing its new token Efinity (EFI) to encourage ecological development, which has now allocated 15% of the total EFI supply to enable users to pass the Efinity token Stake ENJ or use ENJ to mine. EFI holders are also able to conduct community governance, being able to submit and vote on proposals to decide the future of the planned network.
Enjin will also conduct further development on Snowfork’s open-source bridge to enable NFTs to flow between Polkadot, Ethereum and other blockchains. Starting with NFT.io, marketplaces on Efinity will reward bidders with EFI, create permanent liquidity for all assets, and allow collectors to check the most */*/ new valuations of their NFT portfolios.
Just last week, Singapore-based Enjin also formed an alliance with Ludena Protocol, the publisher of social gaming channel GameTalkTalk. This is also what Enjin intends to do to enhance NFTs in South Korea, where the enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and games is high.
Enjin’s channels are filled with virtual worlds created by forward-thinking game developers, from the post-apocalyptic sci-fi world “Age of Rust”, to the RPG masterpieces “Lost Relics” and “Six Dragons”.
Over the years, it has collaborated with crypto companies such as Binance, Swissborg and CoinMarketCap, as well as companies such as Microsoft, Samsung and BMW.
It is now working on Efinity and upcoming products like JumpNet and NFT.io, as well as re-creating its flagship products like Enjin Wallet. And trying to expand into new professions and markets such as sports and entertainment.
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发行总量1,000,000,000 ENJ





Enjin是一个支持区块链资产的价值数字价值存储载体,Enjin平台铸造的每个NFT资产都包含ENJ代币, ENJ被锁定在NFT内部,并随着NFT资产流通移除。


Enjin (ENJ)则促进了NFT的使用。 该代币网站指出: “你可以使用NFT来发展你的业务,赚取和交易,并与游戏和应用程序相结合。”


ENJ于2017年11月开始以每代币1.7美分的价格交易。 该加密货币在11月24日达到4.6858美元的峰值,在撰写本文时徘徊在2.2美元的水平。ENJ 是一种以 NFT 专家身份运作的加密货币。



Enjin供给由软件集成的区块链生态系统,使每个人都能够轻松地开发、买卖、通证化各种数字财物,并在区块链商场进行营销活动。 Enjin生态系统由Enjin代币(ENJ)推动,Enjin代币是一种数字价值存储载体,用于支撑NFTs区块链财物的价值。Enjin渠道铸造的每个财物都包括ENJ,ENJ被锁定在内部并跟着流转移除。


文 | Sara Zhang

摘要:Enjin筹集了1,890万美元以在Polkadot网络上发动其首个专用NFT 区块链Efinity,旨在为根据NFT的游戏和其他使用建立更好的渠道。 Efinity在其官方公告中被形容为是一条跨链代币高速公路,旨在实现一种特定的未来,在这种未来中,NFT就像今天的智能手机一样遍及且简略使用——任何链 …



实际上,Enjin是NFT职业的领头羊,其从 2017年将第一批NFT带入日子,并创建了先进的ERC-1155 NFT规范,此规范现在被Microsoft,Nike和OpenSea等各大公司采用。

而现在作为ERC-1155 NFT规范的改善,Enjin还正在开发一种称为“ Paratoken”的新跨链代币规范,该规范将答应来自任何区块链的任何同质化或非同质化代币迁移到Efinity网络上,并与整个Polkadot和Kusama生态系统兼容。


Enjin首席运营官Caleb Applegate在官方声明中表示,NFT应该适用于所有人。与Polkadot的协作将使Enjin能够供给一种可轻松拜访且可扩展的处理方案,使每个人都能够参加到新式的NFT经济中。









Enjin首席技能官Witek Radomski在官方声明中表示,数字财物应该存在于整个区块链中。他说,增强跨区块链与使用场景的流动性将把创造者、购买者和出售者链接到更广泛的生态系统中。

Enjin在2017年创建了Enjin Coin(ENJ),作为Ethereum区块链上的ERC-20代币。它为Enjin的NFT生态系统供给了动力:用Enjin渠道铸造的每一个NFT都有ENJ的支撑,每一个铸造的NFT都能够轻松地融回ENJ。



ENJ的持有者能够把他们的ENJ质押,并以Efinity的 本位币Efinity Token(EFI)的形式赚取 被迫收入。灌注在NFT中的ENJ将被自动质押,并被迫产生EFI收益。



据悉,就在上周,总部位于新加坡的Enjin还与交际游戏渠道GameTalkTalk的发行商Ludena Protocol建立了联盟。这也是Enjin打算在韩国增强NFT的行动,由于韩国的加密钱银和游戏热情很高。



现在其致力于Efinity和即将推出的产品,如JumpNet和NFT.io,以及从头打造其旗舰产品,如Enjin Wallet。并试图向如体育和娱乐这样新的职业和商场拓宽。