Today I found a button on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to ask the government website to find the wrong


In order to promptly discover and correct the problems of untimely information updates, inaccurate information releases, non-response communication and interaction, and impractical service information on government websites across the country, the majority of netizens are invited to promptly report website problems when using government websites, so as to help advance the country. The construction of the information content of the government website will improve the level of information release, interactive communication and convenient services of the government website.

The following is a submission system. It can be said that any Chinese government website. Errors can be information errors, missing functions, etc. There is also an exposure station .I personally just think it’s fun to log it

今天在工信部网站上面发现一个按钮 叫政府网站找错



下面是一个提交系统  可以说任意中国政府网站  错误可以是信息错误 功能缺失 等等很多


我个人纯粹是觉得好玩  log记录一下