Chinese method personnel verification failed! Atomic service call failed? How to solve

This problem was encountered when registering an account on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The specific situation is the real-name verification link. After submitting the ID card, business license and other information, a prompt appears directly: the verification of the country’s legal person has failed! The atomic service call failed

Baidu has only one piece of information

Netizen 17538599412 said that in the 21-year new system, it is necessary to upload the front and back of the legal person ID. Posted on 08-03

Can’t solve the problem at all

In view of many years of network experience, resubmit it once and pass it directly

Not through IDC service providers such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud and other platforms for filing. Separate filing on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the old system, it is enough to submit the information directly.

The new system is still being explored. No valid information was found on the entire network…


国办法人校验失败!调用原子服务失败? 如何解决


具体情形 是实名认证环节 提交身份证 营业执照等信息后 直接出现提示 :国办法人校验失败!调用原子服务失败

百度了一下 只有一条知乎信息

网友17538599412 说  21年新系统,需要上传法人身份证正反面。 发布于 08-03



鉴于多年网络经验  重新提交一次 直接成功通过

不通过IDC服务商 比如阿里云 腾讯云 百度云等平台备案 单独通过工信部网站备案 以前老系统 是直接提交资料即可

新系统仍然在探索中 全网没有找到有效信息…