Issue data
NameDecentraland, MANA
Release time 2017-09-18
The market value of the whole network is 228 million
99.3123 million transactions in 24 hours on the whole network
1.050 billion in circulation
The total issuance is 2.805 billion
The maximum circulation is 2.805 billion
Circulation accounted for 39.71%
43.41% change hands in 24 hours
technical model
Relying on the Ethereum network to establish a consensus layer for land rights confirmation; the land content layer is distributed by a decentralized system, which plans to use IPFS technology, users can download using BitTorrent or IPFS technology according to the hash value referenced by the land content file Content; the real-time layer enables users to connect with each other.
economic model
Based on ERC20 standard tokens, total amount: 2.805 billion, of which ICO ratio: 40%, community and partners: 20%, team and early investors: 20% (locked for 3 years), foundation: 20%. The initial price is 1MANA =0.16RMB.
Ari Meilich Project Leader
He has extensive experience in venture capital and data analysis, working as an analyst at Charles River Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund, and Ariel is the founder of the big data company Benchrise.
Esteban Ordano Technical Lead
An experienced blockchain engineer, he co-founded Zeppelin Solutions and led the team to create Streamium, the first payment application and a key technology for scaling blockchain payments.
Manuel Araoz
Co-founder and CTO of Zeppelin Solutions, leader in smart contract security, creator of Proof of Existence, the first non-financial application of blockchain, and technical lead for Bitpay, Copay and Insight .
Project Description
Decentraland is a distributed shared virtual platform. On this platform, users can browse and discover content and interact with other people and entities. Users can also claim ownership of virtual territories through a blockchain-based land ledger. Territories are delimited by Cartesian coordinates (X,Y), and their owners can decide what to publish on the territory, ranging from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games. Domains are non-fungible, transferable and rare digital assets stored in Ethereum smart contracts that can be purchased with ERC20 tokens called MANA. MANA can also be used to purchase digital goods and services in the virtual world.
MANA can be called Minecraft in the blockchain field. It is a VR platform built on Ethereum. According to the investigation, the issuance price of MANA coin is 0.024 US dollars, and the crowdfunding price is also 0.024 US dollars, and the issuance time is September 18, 2017. According to the latest market data, as of 11:21 on August 3, 2021, the price of MANA coin was $0.683, the return on investment reached 2745.83%, the 24-hour transaction volume was $9496.42, and the 24-hour volatility was 4.66%. According to the above data, it can be seen that MANA coin is still relatively popular in the market. So which country is MANA coin from? What is the Chinese name of MANA coin?
Which country is MANA coin from? What is the Chinese name of MANA coin?
MANA Coin is headquartered in Beijing, China, and currently does not have a Chinese name. Decentraland was founded by Esteban Ordano, registered as Metaverse Holdings Ltd and headquartered in Beijing, China. Ordano is a software engineer at BitPay and is credited with co-creating Bitcore, the leading Bitcoin infrastructure library. He also works on Copay, And leading the team that created the Streamium application, Ordano, along with other Decentraland team members, co-founded a blockchain-oriented hackerspace in Argentina called Voltaire.
The cryptocurrency MANA is a utility token that, like LAND, will be used in the world of Decentraland. Tokens will be used to pay for land, avatars, items, collectibles, and entertainment such as gambling. The ability to earn MANA is an incentive for game builders to create and manage premium content. MANA remains an ERC-20 token
MANA has a fixed supply. When LAND is purchased with MANA, the MANA is burned, so MANA is also a deflationary token.
How about MANA Coin?
Decentraland is a virtual reality platform issued on Ethereum, and MANA is a circulating token in the ecosystem. The Decentraland platform is composed of various lands, and users have complete control over their own lands. Land is purchased through MANA, and users can build various scene applications or mini-games on their plots, and plots can be organized into communities to create shared spaces with common interests and uses. And in theory, when Decentraland completes development, users can access it through a variety of mobile devices, and the prospect of landing is relatively broad. With the help of a decentralized distribution system, Decentraland can run without the need for centralized servers. It transfers the operating cost of the system to many project participants, so that this virtual world can continue to exist, and at the same time, it provides strong censorship resistance and avoids the censorship risk of many centralized platforms.
All interests in Decentraland are tied to land, and new land must be adjacent to existing land. This feature facilitates the creation of special themed spaces. In addition, the content on adjacent plots can be seen from a distance, which is very convenient to increase traffic for creators, and is conducive to the formation of “business circles” in virtual cities. The more high-quality content is concentrated in the business district, the more it can attract high traffic, which in turn will lead to higher land prices. And land needs to be purchased using MANA. This leads to an increase in the demand for tokens, which in turn pushes up the price of the currency. The Decentraland project model is based on virtual reality applications. The creators publish high-quality content to attract traffic and increase the value of the plots. The plots need to be purchased by MANA, thereby driving the price of coins to rise. In general, the implementation of the project is clear and the process is simple. With the continuous upgrading of virtual technology in the future, there may be a good space for development, which is worth trying.
To sum up, this is the answer to the question of which country MANA coin is from and what is the Chinese name of MANA coin, hoping to help investors better understand MANA coin.
Ethereum’s first virtual world Decentraland
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基于ERC20标准代币,总量:28.05亿,其中ICO比例:40%,社群及合作伙伴:20%,团队及早期投资人:20%(3年锁定),基金会:20%。初始定价1MANA =0.16RMB。


Ari Meilich 项目负责人

在风险投资和数据分析方面有丰富的经验,在Charles River Ventures担任分析师,该公司是硅谷的风险投资基金,同时Ariel也是大数据公司Benchrise的创始人。

Esteban Ordano 技术负责人

一名经验丰富的区块链工程师,与人共同创立了Zeppelin Solutions,并带领团队创建了Streamium,Streamium是首个实现支付的应用程序,是一个用于扩展区块链支付的关键技术。

Manuel Araoz

Zeppelin Solutions的联合创始人和CTO,智能合同安全方面的领导者,Proof of Existence的创造者,Proof of Existence是区块链的第一个非财务应用,还在Bitpay、Copay和Insight方面担任技术主管。





MANA币总部位于中国北京,目前还没有中文名。Decentraland由Esteban Ordano创立,注册地为Metaverse Holdings Ltd,总部位于中国北京,Ordano是BitPay的软件工程师,并因共同创建了领先的比特币基础设施库Bitcore而倍受赞誉,他还从事Copay的工作,并领导创建了Streamium应用程序的团队,Ordano与其他Decentraland团队成员一起在阿根廷共同创立了一个面向区块链的黑客空间,名为Voltaire。



Decentraland 是一个发行于太坊上的虚拟现实平台,MANA是生态中的流通代币。Decentraland 平台由各个土地组成,用户对自己土地拥有完全的控股权。土地通过MANA购买,用户可以在自己的地块上建立各种场景应用或小游戏,并且地块可以被组织成社区,用来创建具有共兴趣和用途的共享空间。并且在理论上,当Decentraland完成开发后,用户可以通过多种移动设备对其进行访问,落地前景比较广阔。 借助去中心化的分布系统,使得 Decentraland 无需借助中心化的服务器就可以运行。并将系统运行成本转移给众多的项目参与者,使得这个虚拟世界可以一直存在下去,并同时提供强大的审查抵抗力,避免了许多中心化平台的审查风险。

Decentraland 上所有权益都和土地紧密相连,新土地必须和已有土地相邻。这个特点方便了特殊主题空间的创建。另外,相邻地块上的内容可以从远处看见,非常便于为创造者提升流量,并有利于形成虚拟城市中的“商圈”。越是优质内容相集聚的商圈,就越能吸引高流量,反过来导致地价上涨。而土地需要使用 MANA 购买。导致代币需求提升进而拉高币价。 Decentraland 项目模式是以虚拟现实应用为基础,通过创建者发布优质内容吸引流量拉高地块价值,地块又需要MANA购买,从而带动币价格上涨。总的来看,项目落地清晰,流程简单,随着未来虚拟技术的不断升级,或许有不错的发展空间,值得进行尝试。