Windows 经典任务栏 RetroBar版发布 ! 渴望更简单的时代? RetroBar 将您的现代 Windows 任务栏替换为经典的 Windows 95、98、Me、2000 或 XP 样式,让您回到过去。RetroBar 基于 ManagedShell 库,具有出色的兼容性和性能。

Windows 经典任务栏 RetroBar 中文免费版

在 Windows 10 中,大图标取代了文本标签,同一应用程序的多个实例整齐地堆叠在一起成为任务栏中的一个图标。不可否认,Windows 10 设法使事情保持整洁和简单,有些人可能更喜欢使用旧的任务栏。

顾名思义,RetroBar 是一款旨在将现代 Windows 版本的标准任务栏更改为 Windows 95、98、2000、Windows Me 和 XP 的经典版本的工具。根据开发人员的说法,该工具基于用于通过 .NET 创建外壳替换的库,称为 ManagedShell,因此不应该存在任何兼容性或性能问题。

该工具背后的想法是用老式的替代品完全取代现代任务栏。因此,一次只有一个任务栏可用,并且恢复到新的任务栏需要关闭应用程序。新任务栏的其他值得注意的功能包括打开现代开始菜单的开始按钮、本机通知区域、显示和隐藏时钟以及支持 UWP 应用程序的本机任务列表。Windows classic taskbar RetroBar Chinese version released! Longing for simpler times? RetroBar takes you back in time by replacing your modern Windows taskbar with classic Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP styles. RetroBar is based on the ManagedShell library for excellent compatibility and performance.
Windows Classic Taskbar RetroBar Chinese Free Edition In Windows 10, large icons replace text labels, and multiple instances of the same application are neatly stacked together as a single icon in the taskbar. Admittedly, Windows 10 manages to keep things neat and simple, and some may prefer to use the old taskbar.
As the name suggests, RetroBar is a tool designed to change the standard taskbar of modern Windows versions to the classic versions of Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows Me, and XP. According to the developers, the tool is based on a library for creating shell replacements via .NET called ManagedShell, so there shouldn't be any compatibility or performance issues.
The idea behind this tool is to completely replace the modern taskbar with an old-fashioned alternative. Therefore, only one taskbar is available at a time, and reverting to the new taskbar requires closing the application. Other notable features of the new taskbar include a start button that opens a modern start menu, a native notification area, showing and hiding the clock, and support for a native task list for UWP apps.
The developers say the tool comes with theme support, so custom themes can be added. To create a custom theme, users need to access the Themes folder and place a valid XAML theme file there.
RetroBar requires Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11.NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime (select the appropriate download button under "Run Desktop Application")
RetroBar License Apache License

开发人员表示该工具带有主题支持,因此可以添加自定义主题。要创建自定义主题,用户需要访问 Themes 文件夹并在其中放置一个有效的 XAML 主题文件。

RetroBar 要求

Windows 7 SP1、Windows 8.1、Windows 10 或 Windows 11
.NET Core 3.1 桌面运行时(选择“运行桌面应用程序”下的相应下载按钮)

RetroBar 许可证

Apache 许可证


What’s new in RetroBar 1.8.45
March 29, 2022
New features:
32-bit system support (#143)
New themes:
Windows XP Embedded Style (#266, thanks @mutoyoru!)
Windows XP Olive Green (#195)
Windows XP Royale (#263)
Windows XP Royale Noir (#235, thanks @lpmusicon!)
Windows XP Zune Style (#266, thanks @mutoyoru!)
Windows Vista Classic (#296, thanks @xoascf!)
Scrolling over the volume icon changes volume (#264, thanks @xoascf!)
Support for additional languages:
Czech (#238, thanks @mrflamist!)
English (United Kingdom) (#256, thanks @mrflamist!)
German (#230, thanks @0x5066!)
Greek (#257, thanks @ColdSalt09!)
Turkish (#232, thanks @mutoyoru!)
System notification area icons that are monochrome white are now dark when necessary (#41)
Accuracy improvements for the Windows XP Classic theme (#248, thanks @xoascf!)
Custom themes can use large icons by setting UseLargeIcons to True (#289)
Default task context menu item is now correctly bold (#253, thanks @xoascf!)
Fixed clock position on Windows XP Blue and Silver themes (#270)
Fixed Explorer taskbar sometimes stuck in autohide after closing RetroBar
Fixed Start button not appearing as pressed (#255, thanks @xoascf!)
Fixed Start button showing outline (#133, thanks @xoascf!)
Fixed windows sometimes maximizing to the wrong size, especially on Windows 7
Improved reliability of customized notification area icons (#261)
Updated languages:
Polish (#301)
Portuguese (#229, thanks @pedro-fixingstuff!)
Simplified Chinese (#228, thanks @wcxu21!)
Spanish (#247, thanks @xoascf!)
Vietnamese (#241, thanks @michioxd!)