VirtualBox 中文版是一款开源虚拟机软件。VirtualBox 是由德国 Innotek 公司开发,Sun Microsystems 公司出品的软件,运用 Qt 编写,在 Sun 被 Oracle 收购后正式更名成 Oracle VM VirtualBox。Innotek 以 GNU General Public License (GPL) 释出 VirtualBox,并提供二进制版本及 OSE 版本的代码。运用者能够在 VirtualBox 上装置而且履行 Solaris、Windows、DOS、Linux、OS/2 Warp、BSD 等体系作为客户端操作体系。VirtualBox Chinese version is an open source virtual machine software. VirtualBox is a software developed by German Innotek Company and produced by Sun Microsystems Company. It is written in Qt and officially changed its name to Oracle VM VirtualBox after Sun was acquired by Oracle. Innotek releases VirtualBox under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and provides binary and OSE versions of the code. Users can install and execute Solaris, Windows, DOS, Linux, OS/2 Warp, BSD and other systems as client operating systems on VirtualBox.
Open source free virtual machine software VirtualBox Chinese version VirtualBox Chinese version is known as the strongest free virtual machine software, it not only has rich features, but also excellent functions! It is easy to use and virtualized systems include Windows (from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, all Windows systems are supported), Mac OS X (both 32bit and 64bit are supported), Linux (2.4 and 2.6), OpenBSD , Solaris, IBM OS2 and even Android 4.0 operating systems! Users can install and run these operating systems on VirtualBox! Compared with VMware and Virtual PC of the same nature, VirtualBox is unique in that it supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), iSCSI and USB. VirtualBox can already support USB 2.0 hardware devices on the client operating system, but it is necessary to install VirtualBox Extension Pack.
The main features of VirtualBox – support 64-bit client operating system, even if the host uses 32-bit CPU – support SATA hard disk NCQ technology – virtual hard disk snapshot – seamless window mode (client driver must be installed)
– Ability to share clipboards on the host side with the client (need to install the client driver)
– Create a shared folder between the host and the client (the client driver must be installed)
– Built-in remote desktop server to achieve single-machine multi-user – Support VMware VMDK disk file and Virtual PC VHD disk file format – 3D virtualization technology supports OpenGL (supported after version 2.1), Direct3D (supported after version 3.0), WDDM (supported after version 4.1) back support)
– Up to 32 virtual CPUs (supported after version 3.0)
– Support VT-x and AMD-V hardware virtualization technology – iSCSI support – USB and USB2.0 support devices VirtualBox download the binary files corresponding to the host operating system from the VirtualBox website. VirtualBox can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It is possible to run a 64-bit virtual machine on a 32-bit host operating system, but the hardware virtualization feature must be enabled in the host’s BIOS.
Running the binary installation file will bring up a simple installation wizard that allows the user to customize VirtualBox features, select any shortcut and specify the installation directory. The USB device driver and VirtualBox host-only network adapter will be installed together.

开源免费虚拟机软件 VirtualBox 中文版

VirtualBox 中文版号称是最强的免费虚拟机软件,它不只具有丰富的特征,而且功能也很优异!它简单易用,可虚拟的体系包含 Windows(从Windows 3.1 到 Windows 8、Windows Server 2012,所有的 Windows 体系都支撑)、Mac OS X(32bit和64bit都支撑)、Linux(2.4和2.6)、OpenBSD、Solaris、IBM OS2 乃至 Android 4.0 体系等操作体系!运用者能够在 VirtualBox 上装置而且运行上述的这些操作体系! 与同性质的 VMware 及 Virtual PC 比较下,VirtualBox 独到之处包含远端桌面协定(RDP)、iSCSI 及 USB 的支撑,VirtualBox在客户端操作体系上已能够支撑USB 2.0的硬件设备,不过要装置 VirtualBox Extension Pack。

VirtualBox 主要特点

– 支撑64位客户端操作体系,即便主机运用32位CPU
– 支撑SATA硬盘NCQ技能
– 虚拟硬盘快照
– 无缝视窗形式(须装置客户端驱动)
– 能够在主机端与客户端共享剪贴簿(须装置客户端驱动)
– 在主机端与客户端间建立分享文件夹(须装置客户端驱动)
– 内建远端桌面服务器,完成单机多用户 - 支撑VMware VMDK磁盘档及Virtual PC VHD磁盘档格式
– 3D虚拟化技能支撑OpenGL(2.1版后支撑)、Direct3D(3.0版后支撑)、WDDM(4.1版后支撑)
– 最多虚拟32颗CPU(3.0版后支撑)
– 支撑VT-x与AMD-V硬件虚拟化技能
– iSCSI支撑
– USB与USB2.0支撑

装置 VirtualBox

在 VirtualBox 网站下载主机操作体系对应的二进制文件。VirtualBox 能够装置在 32 位和 64 位操作体系上。在 32 位主机操作体系上运行 64 位的虚拟机是能够的,但必须在主机的 BIOS 中启用硬件虚拟化特性。
运行二进制装置文件将敞开一个简单的装置向导,允许用户定制 VirtualBox 特性,选择任意快捷方式并指定装置目录。USB 设备驱动以及 VirtualBox host-only 网络适配器将一起装置。


What’s new in Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.32 Build 149290
January 18, 2022
VMM: Changed the guest RAM management when using Hyper-V to be more compatible with HVCI (bug #20627 and #20694)
VMM: Workaround for OS/2 guest unstability on newer AMD CPUs due to a missing TLB flush in OS/2 (bug #20625)
GUI: Fixed keyboard focus loss in rare circumstances when using the mini toolbar in fullscreen mode
Audio: Fixed accidental creation of empty debug log file when the OSS audio backend was configured
E1000: Fix link status reporting for certain Linux kernels (some Oracle Linux ones, probably more)
Unattended installation: Fixed regression introduced in 6.1.28, causing partitioning failure for Windows XP to 10 (bug #20769)
Solaris host: Fixed regression in installer, failed on Solaris 10
Solaris host: Fix packaging regression, make executable
Linux host: Fix access to some USB devices, device class was not correctly handled (bug #20721)
Guest: Fixed wrong mouse position if guest is in text mode
Guest Control: Fixed folders copying from host to guest and from guest to host
Guest Control: Fixes for UNICODE handling
Shared Clipboard: Improved HTML content exchange between X11 and Windows guests and hosts
OS/2 Additions: Fixed some issues with extended attributes in the shared folders (bug #19453)

Windows 版 MacOS 版 Linux 版 SunOS 版 扩展包
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