达成这一成就的是Kovan Yang领衔的微星超频团队成员,使用了一条金士顿的Fury Beast DDR5,搭配微星Z690 UNIFY-X主板,成功运行在了5001.8MHz的基础频率,等效于DDR5-10004。




The standard starting frequency of DDR5 memory is only 4800MHz, and the potential is obviously unlimited. Previously, the cooperation between Hushuo and Zhiqi has exceeded 8888MHz and 9560MHz, and now it has finally exceeded 10000MHz!

This is also the first time that the memory frequency has reached five digits, entering the 10GHz+ era.

This achievement was achieved by members of the MSI overclocking team led by Kovan Yang, who used a Kingston Fury Beast DDR5, paired with the MSI Z690 UNIFY-X motherboard, and successfully ran at a base frequency of 5001.8MHz, which is equivalent to DDR5-10004.

For such a high frequency, the memory timing was also relaxed to an unprecedented 72-126-126-126-127-2, but the voltage value was not disclosed.

The matching processor is an i9-12900KS. In order to concentrate on super memory, only two large cores are turned on, hyper-threading is turned off, and the frequency is reduced to 425.68MHz, of which the FSB is 106.42MHz and the frequency multiplier is 4x.

This achievement has now passed the authoritative certification of CPU-Z and HWBot.


As early as a year ago, Netac announced that it would do DDR5 memory with a high frequency of more than 10GHz. In August last year, ADATA announced that the frequency of DDR5 memory can reach 12.6GHz, but it does not know when it will be listed.

5 digits for the first time ever! DDR5 memory frequency exceeds 10000MHz