Redis 7.0 现已正式发布,该版本已经开发了将近一年,之前经历了三个候选版本。现如今,开发团队认为它已经足够稳定,可以应用于生产。

简而言之,Redis 7.0 几乎包括了对各个方面的增量改进。其中最值得注意的是 Redis Functions、ACLv2、command introspection 和 Sharded Pub/Sub,它们代表了基于用户反馈和生产经验教训的现有功能的重大演变。

7.0 版添加了近 50 个新命令和选项来支持这种演变并扩展 Redis 的现有功能。例如,位图、列表、集合、排序集合和流数据类型都添加了支持其数据管理用例的功能。此外,缓存语义已扩展为支持 existential 和 comparative modifiers。

公告指出,“虽然面向用户的功能很容易吹嘘,但这个版本中真正的 unsung heroes 其实是努力使 Redis 更高效、更稳定和更精简”。开发人员的大部分精力都投入到了通过关注 Redis 相对于它使用的资源的性能来提高 Redis 的操作效率。

Redis 7.0 对其管理的几乎每个子系统都进行了多项改进,包括内存、计算、网络和存储。虽然有些优化是默认启用的,但其他优化可能需要配置。有关详细信息,可参阅 redis.conf 文件中的内联文档。

与此同时,Redis 7.2 的开发工作也已经在进行当中了。

Redis 7.0 is now officially released, which has been in development for almost a year and has gone through three release candidates before. Today, the development team considers it stable enough to be used in production.

In short, Redis 7.0 includes incremental improvements to almost every aspect. Most notable of these are Redis Functions, ACLv2, command introspection, and Sharded Pub/Sub, which represent significant evolutions of existing functionality based on user feedback and lessons learned in production.

Version 7.0 adds nearly 50 new commands and options to support this evolution and extend Redis’ existing functionality. For example, Bitmap, List, Collection, Sorted Collection, and Stream data types have all added functionality to support their data management use cases. Additionally, cache semantics have been extended to support existential and comparative modifiers.

“While it’s easy to brag about user-facing features, the real unsung heroes in this release are efforts to make Redis more efficient, stable, and lean,” the announcement states. Much of the developer’s effort has been devoted to improving the operational efficiency of Redis by focusing on its performance relative to the resources it uses.

Redis 7.0 brings several improvements to nearly every subsystem it manages, including memory, compute, networking, and storage. While some optimizations are enabled by default, others may require configuration. See the inline documentation in the redis.conf file for details.

At the same time, the development of Redis 7.2 is already underway.

See the release notes for more details.

更多详情可查看 release notes。