phpMyAdmin 4.9.10 & 5.1.3 released.

This update mainly addresses a regression that caused the Navigation Pane to not function properly when displaying a multi-page table.

Among them, version 5.1.3 includes security hardening improvements. The issue reported by Rafael Pedrero can cause users to cause errors that show the disk path where phpMyAdmin is running. The development team believes that this usually happens when the server is running on display_errors , but this is not a recommended setting for production environments.

Version 5.1.3 also includes some other minor bug fixes and is recommended for all users to upgrade.

Finally, please note that version 4.9 only provides extended security support. Version 5.2.0 is in final beta and is expected to supersede the 5.1 branch in the coming week or weeks without any changes to the required PHP or database server versions.

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phpMyAdmin 4.9.10 & 5.1.3 已发布。


其中,5.1.3 版本包括安全强化改进。Rafael Pedrero 报告的该问题可能引起用户导致错误,该错误会显示运行 phpMyAdmin 的磁盘路径。开发团队认为这种情况一般发生在服务器在 display_errors 上运行,但这不是生产环境的推荐设置。

5.1.3 版本还包括一些其他小错误修复,建议所有用户升级。

最后请注意,4.9 版本仅提供扩展安全支持。5.2.0 版本处于最终测试阶段,预计将在未来一周或数周内取代 5.1 分支,而所需的 PHP 或数据库服务器版本不会发生任何变化。

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