Lakka 是一个轻量级的 Linux 发行版,可以将树莓派等设备变成一个完整的复古游戏机。Lakka 从 RetroPie 和 PiMAME 等项目中获得了灵感,这些项目展示了将专用 Linux 环境与运行在小型、低功耗开发板上的游戏模拟前端软件相结合的潜力。

Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that can turn devices such as Raspberry Pi into a complete retro game console. Lakka took inspiration from projects such as RetroPie and PiMAME, which demonstrated the potential of combining a dedicated Linux environment with game simulation front-end software running on a small, low-power development board.

Changes since version 3.5.2 include:
RetroArch updated to
Restored the option to be able to control the menu by all users
Added automatic frame delay option, which can be accessed through “Settings→Delay” or through the quick menu (you must enable advanced settings to access this option)
Core update to the latest version
beetle-fce: Added new libretro kernel
ecwolf: new libretro kernel added
fbneo: added highscore.dat to the RetroArch system folder
mame2003-plus: added cheat.dat history.dat to the RetroArch system folder
scummvm: Added engine files, themes, sound fonts and basic scummvm.ini files to the RetroArch system folder
Mesa updated to 21.2.5
Mainline kernel updated to 5.10.78
Raspberry kernel/firmware updated to 1.20211029
Fixed the problem of the old Intel GPU (the crocus driver is now preferred, and MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE is no longer required)

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自 3.5.2 版本以来的变化包括:

  • RetroArch 更新至
    • 恢复了能够由所有用户控制菜单的选项
    • 新增自动帧延迟选项,可通过「设置→延迟」访问,也可通过快速菜单访问(必须启用高级设置才能访问该选项)
  • 核心更新到最新的版本
    • beetle-fce: 增加了新的 libretro 内核
    • ecwolf:添加了新的 libretro 内核
    • fbneo:在 RetroArch system 文件夹中添加了 highscore.dat
    • mame2003-plus:在 RetroArch system 文件夹中添加了 cheat.dat history.dat
    • scummvm:在 RetroArch system 文件夹中添加了引擎文件、主题、声音字体和基本的 scummvm.ini文件
  • Mesa 更新至 21.2.5
  • 主线内核更新至 5.10.78
  • Raspberry 内核/固件更新至 1.20211029
  • 修正了旧版英特尔 GPU 的问题(现在首选 crocus 驱动,不再需要使用 MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE