Two days ago, the media broke the news that the official version of Win10 21H2 will be launched on the evening of November 5th, but it backfired.

According to the latest news, the official version of Win10 21H2, which is the November 2021 update, has passed the quality verification check. It is not difficult to infer from the name that the push work will definitely be started this month, as soon as a few days later, or as slow as two weeks.

In fact, Win10 21H2 has already signed RTM, and the version number corresponds to Build 19044.1288, but after a new patch has been applied to the current preview channel, it has been iterated to 19044.1320.

Similar to the previous similar functional updates, 21H2 is also an enabling feature pack. The main update content is small changes for business users, such as support for WPA3 H2E standards, better Windows Hello biometric authentication, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) GPU computing support.

With Windows 11 gradually getting on the right track, Microsoft’s internal development energy has also begun to inevitably tilt towards the new system. There are already a lot of news proving that the 21H2 version is likely to be the last functional update of Windows 10.

However, the Win11 application store, new UI pictures and calculators have also been decentralized to Win10 a few days ago, which also proves that the energy of the Windows development team has basically migrated to Win11.

The official version of Win10 21H2 completes quality certification: push will start before the end of the month

前两天有媒体爆料Win10 21H2正式版会在11月5日晚开启推送,但事与愿违。Windows 10 2021十一月更新敲定19044.1288 官方ISO镜像下载

最新消息称,Win10 21H2正式版也就是2021十一月更新已经通过了质量验证检查,从名字不难推断,本月内肯定会开启推送工作,快则几天后,慢则两周内。

实际上,Win10 21H2已经签署RTM,版本号对应Build 19044.1288,但目前发布预览通道打了新补丁后,已经迭代到19044.1320。

和此前的类似功能性更新类似,21H2也是一个启用功能包,主要更新内容为针对企业用户的小改动,如对WPA3 H2E标准的支持,更好的Windows Hello生物识别认证,以及对Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)的GPU计算支持。

随着Windows 11逐渐走上正轨,微软内部的开发精力也开始不可避免的向新的系统倾斜,当前已经有大量的消息证明21H2版本很可能成为Windows 10的最后一次功能性更新。


Win10 21H2正式版完成质量认证:将于月底前开启推送